5 Reasons Why Lost Lands Music Festival is like Jurassic Park

Dinosaurs. Tons of tall trees. Epic music. Jeff Goldblum. What do all of these things have in common? Iconic 90s movie Jurassic Park and Lost Lands music festival, naturally.

Alright, so Jeff Goldblum isn’t actually going to make an appearance at Lost Lands, and maybe John Williams’ JP score isn’t quite the same genre as Lost Lands’ lineup, but in reality there are tons of other parallels between Steven Spielberg’s cinematic, dinotastic masterpiece and Ohio’s biggest headbanger and electronic music festival.

But let’s cut to the chase: what exactly makes Lost Lands a modern-day Jurassic Park?

1. Dinosaurs… obviously

If you’re up for an adventure unlike any other, stroll around the grounds of Lost Lands and be immediately transported to a prehistoric world reminiscent of Jurassic Park. Everywhere you look, dinosaurs of every kind poke their heads out of shrubbery or claim their territory by the main stages and elsewhere on festival grounds. From towering brontosauruses to velociraptors to fire-breathing T-rexes (no joke), Lost Lands is possibly the closest you can get to ever visiting Jurassic Park besides maybe visiting the reproduction of the movie set at Orlando’s Universal Studios’ Islands of Adventure.

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2. Volcanoes

It wouldn’t be a true dinosaur haven without a couple of volcanoes! Lost Lands spared no expense (see what I did there?) in terms of creating a proper prehistoric atmosphere, with lifelike volcanoes set up in the very core of Legend Valley. While you take in the shows on the main stage, party under the volcanoes as they ignite and spark up the sky with actual fire flares. What could be cooler than that?

3. Both take place in lush forests

Isla Nublar, Legend Valley… what’s the difference, really? Head to Lost Lands on our Dino Express festival shuttle and prepare for an epic adventure in the heart of nature, exploring the vast festival grounds rich in greenery and majestic forests. There is nothing quite like spending a weekend away in a natural setting, particularly when it’s juxtaposed against the surreal, eclectic festival goers, dinosaurs, and the Lost Lands’ other elaborate elements.

4. Both get the adrenaline rushing

Okay, so luckily there is no fathomable way that your experience at Lost Lands can compare to Laura Dern trying to outrun a pair of velociraptors. However, if it’s a thrill that you seek, you’ll definitely find it at Lost Lands. Between the wild energy of the crowds and the overall setup of the festival itself, prepare to feel like you’re in the middle of a prehistoric adventure with surprises around every corner. From partying with the electric masses to the wild prehistoric-inspired setup of the festival, you best be prepared for a wild ride.

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5. Book camping accommodation and glamp à la Jurassic World

One of the best parts about Lost Lands is that it’s three days of non-stop music, partying, and dancing with a bunch of people into the same awesome music as you – day and night. Lost Lands offers Jurassic Glamping camping for the true diehard festival goers, which bears uncanny similarities to the tent setup in the second movie in the Jurassic Park franchise, The Lost World. After a day of stage-hopping to see your favorite artists, spend your nights in luxury tents under the stars with their Deluxe Jurassic Glamping Bell Tent ($1999 and sleeps 2) or Standard Jurassic Camping ($1499 and sleeps 4).

What is Lost Lands?

If you’re into dinosaurs and love heavy metal and EDM music, head to Legend Valley, Ohio from September 27th to 29th for a surreal weekend stuck somewhere lost in time between the prehistoric era and electronic scene of modern day Ohio. Lost Lands brings some of the best metal and electro bands to their stages, featuring Flosstradamus, Zeds Dead, Black Tiger Sex Machine, and more as part of this year’s epic list of performers. Need some guidance in terms of how to prepare for this epic weekend? Check out our Guide to Festival-Going for all the hot tips on how to make your time at the festival a success.

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How to get there

If you don’t have your own car, it might be tricky to get to the festival grounds. It’ll take you about 35 minutes to drive from downtown Columbus before you reach the Lost Lands site, making it less than ideal to get to without organized transportation. For this reason, Bus.com is proud to power the Lost Lands’ Dino Express. The Dino Express offers daily trips to and from Legend Valley with all the perks of a coach bus: air-conditioning, plenty of storage space for your festival gear, and plenty of room onboard to get hyped up with other festival attendees.

With pickup locations from Columbus, Chicago, Washington, and more, board our Dino Express shuttles to get to your favourite EDM-metal hybrid festival. If you think you’ll be hopping around quite a bit, opt for a Dino Express Shuttle Pass and take advantage of 3-4 round trip shuttle trips between downtown Columbus and Legend Valley each day of the festival.

Traveling to Lost Lands with a bigger group?

There are plenty of charter bus rentals that can accommodate larger crews of festival attendees. Charter a private bus from Columbus, Chicago, Washington, or elsewhere in order to get you and your friends to Lost Lands together. Even if you do have your own vehicle, leave it at home and leave the driving up to Bus.com. Eliminate the stress of getting lost, finding parking, or any other woes that accompany driving your own car.