Festivals and Buses: A Match Made in Heaven

Charter Bus Rentals: An Event Planner’s Dream Come True

Rent a Bus and Driver for Festival Transportation

Organizing an event as large as a festival is a logistical nightmare. Thank goodness for nerds who love tackling these kinds of riddles. At Bus.com, the charter bus rental process is streamlined and centralized. We’ve figured out a way to get all the bus operators in your area onto one platform so that event planners can quickly and easily find private bus rentals for their festivals. We also provide marketing support and on-site help. We do this because bus rentals are the best way to safely transport massive amounts of event-goers. And, hey, one bus is a lot easier on the environment than fifty-five cars.

Rent a Bus and Make Attendees’ Lives Easier

Festival-goers are often just as stressed about transportation as the event planners. They have to consider directions, gas prices, parking, and designated drivers.
Here’s how a bus rental makes everyone happy: With fewer cars on the road, there are fewer opportunities for accidents. It also means fewer cars circling the area in search of those prized parking spots, which locals will be happy about. Each bus comes with a vetted driver. That’s one driver to relieve up to 55 possible drunk drivers of their impulse to get behind the wheel.
When you eliminate cars, you make everyone’s life easier and safer.

How Bus Rentals Make Event-Planners’ Lives Easier

Beyond satisfying your ticket-buyers, chartering a private bus rental will help your event run smoothly AND help you grow your audience. If every attendee drove their car, the festival grounds would be overrun. Cut down on traffic with several bus rentals coming from the surrounding areas. We work with bus rental companies across North America so we can organize transportation for attendees in every direction. You can even incorporate the price of the shuttle bus service into your ticket price, covering your costs and opening up new revenue streams while promoting an eco-friendly transportation model.

Find the Bus Type to Suit Your Event

For shuttle bus services and rideshares to festivals, Bus.com offers a variety of bus types—from coach bus to school bus to mini bus. Although we do offer the luxury of a coach bus, the school bus rental is the best bus for shuttling festival-goers. You should rent a school bus for short, casual trips, like from a major city center to a festival out of town. No matter which bus type you choose, you will be provided with an experienced and vetted driver who will keep your attendees safe and happy on their way to and from your event.

Beyond the Bus

Obviously a charter bus rental transports your attendees to and from the festival grounds, but there are other benefits beyond the bus. Bus.com can throw a branded event page on our website to promote your event through our network, extending your reach even further. We can also provide on-site support, sending out experienced coordinators to make sure passengers are on the right bus at the right time. If you need help planning the logistics, we can do that too.

Festivals, Buses, and Bus.com: A Tripod Made in Heaven

We love going to festivals. We love working with festivals. And now that we’ve done it a number of times, we’re getting pretty good at organizing bus rentals for big events. Amnesia Rockfest, Coachella, Osheaga, WayHome, Boots & Hearts, Electric Forest, Chicago Open Air, and so many more have successfully organized shuttle bus services with Bus.com. Festival transportation is easy with our easy online booking tool, our helpful festival-savvy support team, and our vetted drivers who go above and beyond.