How-To Guide to Renting a Minibus

Have you ever seen one of those half-sized buses on the road and wondered, who takes those and why? They’re not quite as big as a coach or school bus, and they don’t seem a whole lot bigger than a truck or van. So what’s the deal? We’ll let you in on the secret.

Why Rent a Minibus?

The logistics of planning a 20-person trip somewhere can be a hassle — if you’ve done it, you know. And the organization, liability, gas money, and driver availability involved in trying to put together a carpool that big can make us pull our hair out. Instead of scrambling to arrange for five or six cars, following one another from destination to destination, each hoping not to get lost, you could make things so much easier on yourself by renting a minibus.

Why is a minibus the answer? For starters, we provide you a driver, so no one has to navigate unknown roads or fill their gas tank. With upwards of 20 people all in one vehicle, you don’t have to wonder if everyone will get there safely or at the same time. And renting a bus is much more cost-effective than running a half dozen cars on the road.

Seven Occasions to Use a Minibus

Field Trips

Student groups require careful attention on the part of the chaperones — it’s essential to keep a watchful eye over all the kids at all times. Ditch the hassles of driving and parking so you can be freed up to focus on the pupils. School aged children are used to riding on buses, and the minibus gives them a chance to socialize. The minibus is optimal for shorter, in-city field trips like a visit to an aquarium or the local pumpkin patch.


Transportation can be one of the hidden horrors of any wedding, especially ones involving multiple venues. A shuttle bus rental can save the day for guests travelling from ceremony to reception, bridesmaids and groomsmen stealing away to take photos, the wedding band needing to lug around their instruments, or out-of-towners without vehicles and without a clue where they are. Throw alcohol consumption into the mix — open bar anyone?! — and you’re far better off arranging a bus so your guests can leave their cars at home.

Corporate Events

For your last team building activity or holiday party, did employees have to drive their own cars or take public transportation? That can be a real downer on a joyous occasion among coworkers. If you work a corporate job, you know that any chance to escape the office on the company’s dime is a privilege — and you don’t want to waste a second of it! Hiring a shuttle takes all the thinking out of it so you can truly give employees a break from their stressful jobs.

Student Groups

College and university student events are often tailor made for the use of a shuttle bus. For fraternities and sororities going to a mixer, fans heading to their school team’s big game, or an academic club participating in a cross-school competition, the bus fosters school spirit and excitement like no other vehicle could. Not to mention, many students won’t have a car to get to off-campus events. And if there’s drinking involved, providing transportation is just the responsible move.

Summer Camps

A large group of energetic kids, lunch box or school bag in tow, filing onto a vehicle ready to take them somewhere far away for something fun — this picture is a staple of summer. Camp kids are always up to something and going somewhere, enjoying the innocent summer days of their youth, creating long-lasting memories and forming lifelong bonds. And the backdrop of these halcyon days is often the shuttle bus where you met your new best friend, laughed so hard you peed a little, or was the site of that story you still can’t repeat.

Tour Groups

One of the best ways to see a new city is by bus — and not necessarily the local public transit bus, stopping every two minutes to collect new passengers. No, it’s the shuttle bus that makes the perfect segue between landmarks or tour sites. If you were considering renting a car, you probably gritted your teeth at the cost or lamented the limited options available in your destination. For big groups, the minibus is far more affordable. And for smaller gangs, find yourself a tour group with open seats on their shuttle.

Government Groups

Government transportation is often specific in its needs. First and foremost, municipal or state representatives need to find cost-effective travel when on the job. Second, it shouldn’t be too lavish. As any politician knows, image is everything, and the minibus purposely lacks some of the more extravagant features known to coach buses or limos. When you’re in need of a functional, point-A-to-B type of ride, the minibus is the one for you.

Types of Minibus Models

Ford E450

Our cornerstone minibus model seats two dozen riders. Two words to describe the Ford E450? Compact. Comfortable. Convenient. Okay, that that was three! But the modern minibus from always exceeds expectations. Each rental comes with a driver that’s been fully vetted, so you can knock the stress off knowing you’re in safe hands and you won’t have to glance at your favourite GPS application even once. Now that you’ve saved everyone having to drive, what’s so great about being a Ford E450 minibus passenger? How about high back reclining seats, heating and air conditioning, and carpeted walls for resting your head. When you rent a minibus from, you ride the popular E-series vehicle that always delivers on your hopes and dreams.

Not only do you now have the answer you’ve been looking for — what’s the deal with those minibuses? — you also know exactly when and why you might rent one. So if you’re organizing transportation for an upcoming field trip or corporate outing, well, we think we’ve said all we need to say. See you on the road.

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