How-To Guide to Renting a School Bus

In North America, the yellow school bus is nothing if not iconic. This unique bus type is specifically designed for kids and has saved many a parent a detour before work. But, did you know that there are other uses for school buses that go beyond student groups and field trips?

In this article, we will go over the most common uses for school buses, as well as an overview of the most common school bus models and the benefits of renting a school bus.

Why Do Bus Renters Love School Buses?

  • School buses have been designed for kids — when they’re riding down the road, a school bus is hard to miss thanks to its 8-way warning lights, dual stop arms, and crossing arm.
  • In the United States and Canada, vehicles for carrying minors are purpose-built for safety — this includes school buses.
  • School bus designers improved mirrors, windows, and the windshield to minimize the driver’s blind spots.
  • The school bus’s body structure has an integrated roll cage to protect all passengers in case of collision.
  • Statistically, a school bus is the safest vehicle on the road.

What are School Buses Used For?

Field trips and Student trips

Buses used for student field trips are sometimes referred to as “activity bus,” as opposed to the buses used for home-to-school routes. But regardless of the destination, in the United States and Canada, school buses are the most common way to carry minors. This is why makes sure that school buses (both yellow and white) are always available.

Corporate Events and Business Trips

A school bus can successfully carry groups of employees to the location of their team building event, meeting, training, or inspection — especially if the journey will take less than two hours.


A shuttle service from home to school was the primary purpose of the school bus design. Corporations, military, government, non-profit organizations, large-scale event managers, and tour operators use them as shuttles with great success.’s school buses can carry visitors between remote buildings, from parking to base, or from airport to hotels and venues.

Weddings and Private Events

Nostalgic design and budget-friendly pricing ensure school buses’ popularity with all private events. A charter school bus with a dedicated chauffeur can pick up all the guests and bring them to the event location —and no one needs to worry about designated drivers.

Which School Bus Model Should I Rent?

Thomas School Bus

Nowadays, 1 in 3 children in North America who takes a bus to a school or an activity rides on the Thomas School Bus. utilizes a large Thomas School Bus model that fits 52 passengers which is perfect for K-12 student groups and other large groups on a budget.

The Thomas School Bus is produced by the largest manufacturer of heavy-duty vehicles, Daimler Trucks, and benefits from proven expertise and continuous innovation. These buses are built in the United States and Canada. Alongside diesel-fueled buses, Thomas buses also offer alternative-fuel options, including fully electric engines. In 2011, the main Thomas Built Buses production facility achieved Zero-Waste-to-Landfill status.

Blue Bird School Bus

The Blue Bird School Bus manufacturer states that building school buses is their only priority. Such refined focus leads to best-in-class design solutions, from automated electronic stability systems to double-up safety in harsh weather conditions, to special needs equipment and alternative fuels. The Blue Bird Vision bus, manufactured in North America on proprietary chassis, accommodates 36 to 78 passengers.

International RE300

The first construction difference you notice among school bus models is whether it is “flat-front” type, or has a “dog-nose” hood. This difference comes from the engine placement: “rear engine (RE)” or “front engine (FR).” The International RE300 School Bus is a Rear Engine model from the International 3000 Series based on Type D bus chassis by Navistar International. This chassis type is so reliable and universal in its applications that it has one of the most extended production lives in North America. This bus comes in handy to both school and business groups.

At, we admire the meticulous design of our school buses and high qualification of our professional drivers who pilot them. These trusted vehicles have more thought and more care put into every detail than any other one on the road. makes school buses available and affordable for everyone — kids and adults alike.

Ready to rent a school bus? makes it easy to rent a school bus online — not matter how big or small the itinerary