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As we enter the mid 2020s, many fixed route operations are facing upheaval in adjusting to the post-pandemic rider behavior. As per S&P Global Ratings, agencies can only expect between 80% and 85% of 2019 ridership levels by 2026. Some of the missing riders may never come back with remote and hybrid workplaces gaining momentum. On the other hand, ESG priorities and the need to reduce single-passenger vehicles on the street are also snowballing into the biggest challenges for smart transit.

On-demand technology is a promising solution for employers trying to bring people back to onsite, agencies facing budget concerns, and large events trying to minimize their carbon footprint. Launching your on-demand transit solution can be challenging with a steep learning curve, and requires technical expertise to navigate the complex transit technology landscape. As a fully managed solution, simplifies the rollout by bringing together our flexible fleet, transit technology partnerships, and operational expertise.

Below is an overview of how’s on-demand solution can help improve the freedom of mobility without compromising on costs or environmental impact.

Fully Managed On-demand Transit Solution by’s comprehensive solution offers everything you need to launch an on-demand shuttle service.

1. Agile Fleet to Right-Size the Vehicles

An on-demand solution is incomplete without an agile fleet that can respond to the ebbs and flows of peak traffic. solved this challenge by integrating our on-demand solution with our large and flexible fleet. This ensures that vehicles are automatically right-sized to improve the cost-effectiveness and help optimize budgets for our clients.  

2. Business Intelligence and Route Analytics 

The second pre-requisite for an on-demand solution is the ability to predict the need based on the location, hour of the day, and type of riders in the community. achieves this by deploying an analytical dashboard that benchmarks ongoing performance. Customers using our on-demand dashboard can analyze and make incremental improvements to their transit programs.

3. Enterprise-grade Rider and Driver Apps to Improve Accessibility 

As ride-hailing services become ubiquitous, a large number of riders now expect sophisticated interfaces and user-friendly applications for transit.’s solution includes applications for real-time tracking and communication between riders, transit route managers, and drivers.

List of App Features 

  • Real-time mapping of the trips for customers, passengers, and dispatchers
  • Automated routing optimization and driver assignment
  • Push notifications to clients and drivers
  • Fixed routes and dynamic routes management
  • Booking services for call center agents or riders
  • Best-in-class reporting
  • Driver app allowing two-way messaging
  • Secure platform respecting privacy regulations (personally identifiable information)
  • Open Fleet Dispatch – includes integration with Lyft, Uber

4. Expert Advisory & Customer Service  

The team is closely involved in all aspects of route planning, training, and education required for drivers and riders alike before the rollout. Post rollout, our 24/7 customer service team helps answer questions to make sure service interruptions are minimized and riders have the best experience. 

Launching On-Demand Transit Programs with offers full flexibility and a technology-agnostic approach to modify the solution based on the on-ground needs of businesses, event organizers, and transit agencies. Our expertise and partnerships ensure that on-demand programs take off with a shorter time to market, and are operated cost-efficiently. Here are a few ways the on-demand solution can make transit smarter.

Smart Transit with Employee Shuttle Programs  

Employers can deploy the solution to launch a smarter, more efficient employee shuttle service. The employer dashboard simplifies fixed route dispatch and live location tracking, while the employees can easily use the app provided by the employer or SMS to book a seat on the shuttle. experts help estimate the minimum number of employees and vehicles required for the long-term feasibility of the program.

Enhanced Fixed Route Transit works closely with transit agencies to extend their reach and enhance the experience for riders. For example, our team can help boost the ridership for on-demand programs by integrating sophisticated payment collection systems. Transit route planners can also benefit from the insights offered by’s fixed route dispatch and live location dashboard.

Cost-efficient Smart Transit for Festivals and Events 

Festivals and events trying to decongest their venues and improve the experience for guests can explore a new revenue stream by launching an on-demand shuttle program.’s solution can seamlessly integrate online ticketing and fare collection systems so that guests can pay with ease. Additionally, as a fully managed solution, the team can improve the reliability of service to ensure the optimum experience for event attendees. 

Roadmap for Deploying the Smart Transit Solution

Launching a shuttle service can be a long and tedious process, especially for businesses with no prior experience in managing and optimizing transit routes.’s solution can shorten the time to market to a few weeks for frequently used shuttle types such as first-mile/last-mile, employee shuttle, student shuttle, on-demand transit, and long-distance commuting. Here are three common steps in deploying the solution. 

Step 1: Initial Consultation 

Our product and solutions team sets up a time with you to understand your requirements and catalog objectives for the solution.

Step 2: Solution Architecture and Proposal 

We work with you to create a custom solution that leverages our existing technology partnerships and fleet network. In this stage, we also conduct a needs assessment to come up with the optimal number of vehicles, drivers, and technologies needed for your unique route. 

Step 3: Rollout & Beyond 

Once you have signed up, the team coordinates the actual deployment and offers full support throughout the runtime of the service. 


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Adjusting to the dynamic ridership patterns and changing the nature of work can be an uphill battle.’s solution can help solve multiple challenges for employers, transit agencies, and event organizers. Our product team can help you learn more about starting your shuttle programs, and if our solution can help. Contact us to get started today!