How to Plan a Winery or Craft Beer Group Tour

Is there anything more satisfying than swirling a world-class glass of Gamay? Or if you’re more into craft brews, what about the refreshing sensation of a barrel-aged saison beer? Or maybe, just maybe, you like drinking in general and consider yourself a professional corner store wine critic? Whether you’re planning a wine & beer bus tour as a corporate offsite event, want to treat your tastebuds to the best wines & brews available around you, or simply just feel like drinking with a bunch of friends, renting a charter bus to get you from vineyard to vineyard, brewery to brewery is definitely the way to go.

From the East Coast to West Coast, there are plenty of world-class wineries and craft breweries located around you. You just might need to rent a bus in order to get there.

Why Rent a Bus for your Wine & Beer Tour?

Visit Multiple Wineries and/or Breweries Easily

Renting a bus for your wine or brewery tour will facilitate the logistics of getting your group from Point A to B. Instead of everyone in your group taking their own cars, you can keep your entire group together even while you’re on the road.

Drive Responsibly

There’s one thing that’s guaranteed when it comes to wine and beer tours: you will be tipsy, at the very least. Throughout the day, you’ll be tasting plenty of different wines and/or brews, meaning you and your crew will realistically probably not be in any shape to get behind the wheel yourselves. Keep the road safe and take care of your group transportation ahead of time. Our bus drivers will happily transport you and your crew to your next location safe and sound!

Trust us, you’ll be glad you decided to go the bus route, especially at the end of a long, glorious day of wine or beer tastings!

Rent a bus for your brewery or winery tour!

How much will a bus rental cost for a wine & beer tour?

Depending on the size of your group and how long you’re on the road, the cost of your wine and beer bus tour will vary. To give you a certain idea, the cost of a minibus is $98/hour and seats 21 people; a mini coach bus costs between $475 to $900 per day and seats 32 people; a school bus costs $81/hour and seats 47 people; and a comfy, luxurious coach bus costs $115/hour and seats 55 people.

If you’re a large group, we highly recommend opting for a coach bus. You’ll be glad you went with this ultra comfortable option when you feel like taking a nap a day filled with drinking.

Finalize your Itinerary

Now comes the most important part: deciding which boozy establishments are going to make it into your bus tour itinerary! Here are a few of the best wineries and breweries scattered throughout the USA.

East Coast Wineries

Dr. Konstantin Frank Winery, Hammondsport, NY

Nestled in the heart of the state of New York, Dr. Konstantin Frank winery is one of the most esteemed wineries on the East Coast. Their wine selection ranges from the Dr. Konstantin Frank Sparkling wines to their Salmon Run Riesling, and each one is delicious in its own right. Many different experiences await you here, with a Main Tasting Room, their 1962 Reserve Tasting Room, the Terrace at 1886, and the 1886 Food & Experience Tasting.

Rent a bus to Dr. Konstantin Frank's winery in New York.
Credit: Dr. Konstantin Frank

Diamond Hill Vineyards, Cumberland, RI

Take your bus tour out to one of the best wineries in Rhode Island, Diamond Hill Vineyards. This enchanting 200-year old farmhouse is best recognized for its berry wines and pinot noir selection during the summer, and their heated spiced apple wine during the colder months.

Rent a bus to Diamond Hill Vineyards.

West Coast Wineries

Melville Winery, Lompoc, CA

If you decide to hit the West Coast for your group winery tour, there’s no way you can miss California wineries. Melville Winery in the Santa Ynez Valley is one of the most famous wineries around, with a specialized pinot noir, chardonnay, and syrah selection. The best part? If you fall in love with their wines (which, let’s face it, you probably will), you can even sign up for their membership clubs. This way, you can get a few bottles (or more) shipped to you a few times per year, no matter how far away you live!

Rent a bus to Melville winery for your West Coast winery tour!

Opus One Winery, Napa, CA

Make your way down to Napa Valley’s Opus One for some of the best, world-class wines you will ever taste. This winery is known for its luxurious approach to winemaking, set in a spectacular architectural complex that reflects both Californian and European influence. Their selection of wines include their current vintage, malbec, petit verdot, and cabernet franc.

Rent a bus for your West coast bus tour!

Breweries East Coast

Unknown Brewing, Charlotte, NC

Direct your bus tour to one of the best breweries on the East Coast: Unknown Brewing. Their brew selection ranges from Light Berliner Style Ale to American IPAs to Wheat Beers, and more. Craving a more unique experience? They’ve got a slew of fun, beer-infused events that you and your group can participate in, from Brew House Yoga to Unknown Trivia Night!

Rent a bus for your East coast craft brewery tour!

Variant Brewing Company, Roswell, GA

If you’re planning on heading down South, you have to check out Variant Brewing Company. This craft brewery is all about creating a community, uniting beer lovers from all over! Their stellar draft list includes a Raspberry Lemon Gose, a Dark Alchemy Stout, and a Cashmere IPA. Who’s thirsty?!

Charter bus rentals for your East coast brewery tour!

Breweries West Coast

Moksa Brewing, Rocklin, CA

Moksa Brewing is one of the newest craft breweries in Northern California, but are quickly becoming a household name in their area. Best known for their progressive IPAs, pilsners, and hearty stout selection, this is one brewery you don’t want to miss!

Rent a charter bus to transport your group for your craft brewery tour!

Moonraker Brewing, Auburn, CA

If you’re in the mood for modern artisanal beers, look no further than Moonraker Brewing. Their beers on tap list has something for every craft beer lover, including their All Hops On Deck Imperial IPA, their Blueberry Mosaic Milkshake IPA, their Midnight in Dublin Irish Stout, and so much more.
Charter bus rentals to transport your craft beer tour group!

Send everyone your itinerary

Once you’ve decided on your wine or beer tour itinerary, it’s time to round up the troops! Whether you’re embarking on your tour as a corporate retreat, taking your brewing class out to introduce them to top-class breweries, celebrating your bachelor(ette), make sure that you send everyone your wine or beer bus tour itinerary so that everyone’s on board with your plan!

Sit back & relax!

Once you’ve done all the planning, you can kick back and relax. Maybe even crack open a cold one in preparation for your awesome beer tour – that sounds like a plan to us.

Pro Tip:

If you’re looking for some inspiration to get you started on your journey into wine education, check out Wine Folly. This is a fantastic resource for wine beginners and certified sommeliers alike!