Passenger Van Rental Pricing Guide

Passenger van rentals are among the most cost-efficient and reliable ways to get your group from point A to B – and back again. These vehicles can accommodate between eight to 15 people depending on the model, and come equipped with a wider range of amenities compared to other bus types. When it comes to traveling, passenger vans put comfort at the forefront with their vehicle-wide air conditioning, reclining seats, ample legroom, armrests, and cup holders. 

Also known as “sprinter vans,” passenger vans are popular alternatives to the minibus due to their more compact build. Though smaller in size, this vehicle can be used for both shorter and longer distances, offering you a budget-friendly and fuel-efficient bus rental. This guide will give you a closer look at what goes into the price of your passenger van rental, how to select the right type of van for you, and how to book your rental.

Our passenger van charter rentals include a professional driver.

Factors That Might Affect Your Passenger Van Rental Cost

Before confirming your rental, it is important to consider all the potential factors that may affect the price of your passenger van rental. From the time of year, to distance travelled, here are a few key considerations to make before booking your passenger van. 

Group Size

Getting an accurate headcount of your group is the first step to confirming your sprinter van rental. The size of your group will help you determine which sprinter van is right for you, as various vehicles, such as the Mercedes Benz sprinter van, the Chevrolet Express, and the Ford Transit, can help accommodate different numbers of passengers. These vehicles have an average capacity of between eight and 15 people depending on the model. If your group is looking for something slightly bigger, minibus rentals are a more convenient option, as they can seat up to 21 people. 

Pro tip: If you are unsure about your group size, it’s always better to account for a few extra seats and opt for a slightly larger sprinter van rental. Those seats can be used for additional baggage storage in the event that they go unused.

Time of Booking

With any type of bus rental, we recommend booking as early as possible. Doing so allows you to secure a better rate as it would not only ensure vehicle availability but also avoid last-minute price surges. An earlier booking also gives you more time to gather all the funds needed from your group.

Time of Year

Time of year also plays an important role in the final price of your sprinter van rental. Considering supply and demand, it’s recommended to avoid booking your bus during peak season. Typically, April, May, and June are the costliest months when it comes to charter bus rentals as groups tend to book transportation for their respective events during that time period. Low seasons generally fall in the Winter months between January and February, as well as during the calmer summer months, such as July since you won’t be competing with school field trips.

Should your event fall during peak season, book as early as possible in order to guarantee that you are able to get the vehicle type that you want, at the best possible price. 

Travel Distance and Fuel Prices

Distance travelled and fuel prices will play a part in your estimate. The further your destination is, the pricier your rental will be, as costs include fuel. Fuel prices tend to fluctuate throughout the year, but excluding any major spikes or dips, there shouldn’t be any significant changes to your sprinter van rental. 

Pro tip: Before booking, use our online booking widget and input your trip details to get a better idea of the distance that you will be travelling. Alternatively, a quick search on Google Maps should also do the trick. Keep in mind that any additional pit stops will increase the final price. 

Driving and On-Duty Time

Driving and on-duty time will have the most significant impact on your bus rental quote. This includes the total drive time from point A to B, in addition to the amount of time the driver is on duty, including pit stops, lunch breaks, and overnight stays. To help keep your costs at a minimum, streamline your itinerary as much as possible and avoid any unrequired pit stops along the way.

Reducing your driver's driving and on-duty time is one of the easiest ways to reduce the cost of your passenger van rental.

Ways to Save Money on a Passenger Van Rental 

Designed with a compact, fuel-efficient engine, a sprinter van represents one of the more affordable vehicle options for group transportation. To add to your savings, there are ways to help further reduce your costs, such as booking your rental early and streamlining your itinerary.

Book Your Rental Early

Book your sprinter van rental as early as possible to ensure availability and the best possible rate. Typically, individuals or groups will rent sprinter vans as a shuttle service for corporate retreats, conferences, weddings, and other occasions throughout the year. Rather than competing with thousands of events, book your sprinter van rental as soon as you have an accurate headcount and a departure date. We recommend confirming your rental anywhere between six and nine months before the latter.

Map Out an Itinerary

Establishing a streamlined itinerary will not only save you money but will offer you peace of mind while travelling. Before confirming your rental, determine whether your group will be making stops along the way and plan your route accordingly. Keep in mind that making various pit-stops will have an effect on your final price. Once your itinerary is completely mapped out, confirm your bus rental and hit the road! 

Pro tip: If your group plans on making stops, add an additional 15 minutes to every pit stop along the way. Boarding the bus can take longer than you think, especially with larger groups. This 15-minute window will account for stragglers, traffic, and any other situation that may arise. 

Finding the Right Passenger Van Rental for you  

There are three different types of sprinter van rentals, each with its own range of seating and unique amenities. Let’s take a deeper look at each individual passenger van. 

Mercedes Sprinter Van

The Mercedez Sprinter Van is among the most commonly rented passenger vans, seating anywhere between eight and 14 people depending on the model. This vehicle is a comfortable option for smaller groups and comes equipped with ergonomic seats, individual headrests, lumbar support, ample legroom as well as baggage storage. A driver is not typically needed to rent this vehicle, but Quebec locals should keep in mind that special licensing is required to drive a Mercedes Sprinter Van in their province, as could be the case for other locations too.

Chevrolet Express

The Chevrolet Express is the most luxurious of the three options, and it offers additional amenities, such as optional WIFI hot-spot capabilities, two AUX outlets, and a USB port. A great choice for smaller groups travelling longer distances, this vehicle can comfortably seat between 12 and 15 passengers while being known for its powerful engine and spacious cargo room. 

Ford Transit

The Ford Transit Passenger Van is a sprinter van rental ideal for groups of 12 people. Often referred to as the Ford T-Series, this vehicle has many of the same features as other sprinter van rentals, including vehicle-wide air conditioning and sufficient baggage storage. Over the years, this Ford model has been redesigned with sustainability and efficiency in mind, with the introduction of Co-Pilot 360 Technologies and Ford Telematics for greater connectivity, as well as all-wheel drive. 

You can also choose to book a passenger van charter rental without a driver.

Booking Your Passenger Van Rental

Now that you are aware of all the best ways to save money and keep your trip as streamlined as possible, you’re ready to book. Renting a sprinter van with through our convenient online booking system is an easy way to organize your group travel. All you need is to get an accurate headcount for your group and decide on desired amenities.

Once you’ve figured out those details, input all your trip parameters into the booking tool and a quote for your passenger van rental will be generated in less than two minutes. The quote is valid for three days, giving you time to consider all your options and coordinate with your group. If at any point the quote expires, you can always request a new one online or contact our service team for assistance. In addition, our Book Now, Pay Later policy allows you to defer the final payment of your sprinter van rental up until 21 days before your departure date.

Pro tip: Before booking, enter different itineraries in the booking tool in order to view various options and establish the most cost-efficient schedule for your trip. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We hope we answered all of your questions, but in case we didn't, here are some frequently asked questions that will streamline your passenger van rental experience and ensure you get the best rate.

How much does it cost to rent a sprinter van?

The average daily cost of a sprinter van rental ranges between $350 and $700, but will depend on a number of factors, including group size, type of passenger van, distance travelled, and itinerary. Obtain a more detailed quote using our online booking tool and plan your budget accordingly. If at any time you might have any questions, simply contact one of our booking specialists and they would be happy to help you with all your questions. Also, you only have to pay the full cost of your sprinter van rental 21 days before your group’s departure date with our Book Now, Pay Later policy.

Is it possible to rent a sprinter van without a driver?

Absolutely! One of the main benefits of passenger van rentals is that a driver is not typically needed. As mentioned earlier, the driver’s time has the most significant impact on your final price. Consequently, your group can save some money by opting to drive the passenger van themselves. Consult our Sprinter Van (without a driver) page for more information as certain restrictions may apply depending on your jurisdiction.

What kind of amenities can be found on a sprinter van?

A sprinter van is a great budget-friendly option for groups that prioritize comfort. These vehicles come equipped with air conditioning, a spacious trunk for all your personal belongings, reclining seats, armrests, and cup holders, ensuring your group gets to its destination comfortably. These vehicles do not come with WiFi or electrical outlets, but typically have one USB port located next to the driver.

When is the best time to book a sprinter van?

You should look into confirming your passenger van rental as soon as you have confirmed your departure date — the earlier, the better! Doing so will help you avoid price surging and guarantee availability. Typically, we recommend booking your sprinter van rental between six and nine months in advance of your trip, especially if you are travelling during peak season. Booking earlier also offers you a better chance at renting the specific sprinter van model that you might have in mind.

What is the sprinter van cancellation policy?

Cancellation policies will ultimately depend on the type of vehicle you rent. offers 100% money back on all cancellations that are made 21 days or more before your trip date. Alternatively, we offer a 50% refund on all cancellations made between 20 and 14 days before your trip date. Finally, there are no reimbursements on service fees for any cancellations made 13 days or less before your trip. Contact a booking specialist as early as possible with any modifications and cancellations to ensure your group gets their money back.

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