Los Angeles Coach's Guide to Planning a Tournament

Los Angeles provides almost endless opportunities to climb aboard a charter sports team bus rental. The crack of a baseball bat. That slap of a puck on ice. Or that sweet swish when it’s “nothing but net.” These sounds have brought endless joy to countless fans in the iconic sports stadiums and arenas of LA.

And with its bright sunny weather and excellent playing conditions, many high school, college and youth sports teams also weave their way through the streets of La La Land each season for away games and local tournaments. If you’re the coach or organizer of a professional, amateur, or youth sports team who must commute in the City of Angels, Bus.com will work with you and the team budget to make sure your charter sports bus rental is best suited to help you score a touchdown!

Organizing Sports Team Bus Rentals in Los Angeles

Some sports teams may only consist of a dozen or so players as with basketball or ice hockey. Many situations involving multiple teams or a major tournament, however, can mean having to provide a reliable LA shuttle service for 100s or even 1000s of athletes – not to mention all their equipment! That’s why we offer flexible transportation options from a sprinter van for a smaller group to a fleet of full-sized coach bus rentals, customized for the itinerary of a major sporting event.

Sports team bus rentals

Los Angeles Coach Bus Rentals

Especially for a longer journey of several hours with two or three smaller teams or a full-sized football team, the increased luxury of our LA coach bus rentals is well worth the expense. Many sports teams enjoy the added value of an onboard audio-visual entertainment system, a well-maintained restroom, air-conditioning, and ample storage space for sporting gear. A single charter coach bus as a sports team bus rental comfortably seats up to 55 passengers. And whether it’s for a professional or a high school sports team, a coach bus no doubt represents the ultimate luxury charter bus rental.

Los Angeles Mini Coach Bus Rentals

If you have anywhere from 32-40 players or students, a mini coach bus will also serve your sports team well as your Los Angeles charter bus rental. With all the same features as a full-sized coach bus, the mini coach bus is basically a paired down version that will also save you money. The team will still get to enjoy audio-visual equipment, air conditioning, power outlets, Wi-Fi, and plenty of storage space for sports equipment. Whether it’s for a shorter or longer trip, your players will feel like VIP athletes in a mini coach as their sports team bus rental!

Los Angeles Minibus Rentals

As a sports coach or team organizer, you may also find yourself in charge of booking a Los Angeles charter bus rental for a tennis tournament or track and field event with only a few athletes on the roster. Each minibus rental can transport up to 21 passengers and works efficiently for shorter to medium distances in the Greater Los Angeles Area. While more affordable than coach and mini coach buses, your LA minibus rental can also feature choice amenities like comfortable seating, an audio-visual system, air conditioning and power outlets.

Los Angeles School Bus Rentals

Especially if it’s for a high school or college sports team, a classic LA school bus rental might be the perfect choice for your Los Angeles charter bus service. Although they offer fewer amenities than other charter bus rental options, charter school buses nonetheless represent a much more streamlined and cost effective method of transportation. With room for up to forty-seven passengers, each school bus rental can safely serve as a sports bus rental for a large sports team or a few smaller ones, particularly for relatively shorter distances.

Los Angeles Sprinter Van Rentals

In the event that you are attending a sports event with only a few passengers, an LA sprinter van rental also includes the possibility of driving the group yourself. If you have eight to 15 athletes in tow without much luggage, a sprinter van rental as your sports team bus rental will allow you to get through the Los Angeles traffic with ease, especially for trips of shorter distances. Enjoy the use of power outlets and a standard van-sized trunk to store all your equipment. Some sprinter van rentals even come with Wi-Fi.

The Benefits of Sports Team Bus Rentals in Los Angeles

Now that you know your main Los Angeles charter bus rental types, it’s essential to remember that the right ground transportation choice can make all the difference when it comes to building team spirit. Rather than relying on carpools, rideshares, or taxis which are sure to split up your team of athletes, our team of booking experts and fully-vetted drivers will help you organize seamless and reliable transportation for your sports team, ensuring everyone gets to the game on time.

Rent a bus for your sports tournament.

Sports team bus rentals in Los Angeles are the easiest way to build camaraderie among teammates as they enjoy customizable amenities and onboard technology. Be sure to use our convenient online booking tool as soon as you get your dates to secure the lowest charter bus rental price available.

Los Angeles Sports Venues: Arenas and Stadiums

When it comes to iconic sports venues, Los Angeles is a tour de force. From Dodger Stadium to the Staples Center, the City of Angels boasts some of the most legendary playing fields, stadiums and arenas on the planet. And LA has recently added the SoFi Stadium to this already impressive lineup, a sports venue hosting hot ticket events like the Super Bowl. But if you’re the coach of a high school or college sports team, or even if you’re booking a Los Angeles charter bus for your beer league’s sports team, here are some of the most amazing venues in LA for coaches, athletes, and spectators alike.

Los Angeles Baseball Diamonds

Baseball diamonds are a symbol of America itself. And college campuses are a great starting point to discover these magnificent gems of the LA sports scene. University of Southern California’s Dedeaux Field has been featured in movies like A League of Their Own and For Love of the Game. Dedeaux Field showcases an awe-inspiring lighting system and 2,500 seats around a natural grass field. Across town, you’ll find UCLA’s Jackie Robinson Stadium, named after the legendary Brooklyn Dodgers player from 1947-56, that offers an intimate setting for games. Batter up and secure your sports team bus rental with Bus.com!

Charter bus rentals to Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles.

Indoor Sports Venues in Los Angeles

Los Angeles’ university campuses also house some of the top indoor venues in the city. The John Wooden Center at UCLA, for example, is named after the Bruins’ former basketball coach and offers three hardcourts and as well as an excellent conditioning zone. The Hollywood Wilshire YMCA is also a popular destination for youth basketball programs and adult leagues. Other indoor sports venues in LA that are frequent stops for a Los Angeles charter bus rental include LA Futebol Indoor Soccer Facility and The Los Angeles Athletic Club.

Outdoor Sports Venues in Los Angeles

Of course, with all the days of sunshine and warm weather, many athletes will no doubt be visiting the great outdoor sports venues of Los Angeles. Indeed, LA’s outdoor fields are lush and plentiful. The Glendale Sports Complex offers stunning views of the hills and features three baseball or softball diamonds and two soccer pitches. John Elway Stadium, belonging to Granada Hills Charter High School, is a top choice for amateur or youth soccer and football games, with seating for 4,000 spectators. Other incredible outdoor sports venues in LA include Dignity Health Sports Park and BMO Stadium, affectionately known as “The Banque.”

Los Angeles Ice Hockey and Figure Skating Arenas

Although it may not experience the harsh snowy winters of its northern neighbors, over the years, Los Angeles has nonetheless grown into a hub for sports played on ice. Take the Toyota Sports Performance Center, for instance, an arena where the LA Kings practice. It is also a popular spot for youth hockey tournaments. The immaculate Pasadena Ice Skating Center, on the other hand, offers skills clinics, camps, and youth programs for both ice hockey and figure skating. You might even plan a Los Angeles charter bus rental to take your team to an NHL game at the Crypto.com Arena as a special treat! Bus.com accommodates sports teams of all sizes, connecting them with our versatile fleet of over 40,000 charter bus rentals.

Booking a Charter Bus Rental for your Sports Team: Los Angeles

Organizing a sports tournament around Los Angeles requires careful planning, with transportation being a crucial first step in making sure the team is ready to hit the ground running. For out-of-towners, finalizing the travel list and taking an inventory of the team’s equipment are vital considerations too. Choosing the right type of Los Angeles charter bus rental or sports team bus rental is also crucial, and must account for factors such as comfort, distance, and budget.

Our LA coach bus and mini coach bus rentals are an ideal option for longer trips where comfort is key, while the minibus and school bus rental options are suitable for somewhat shorter distances. We also offer sprinter van rentals that are popular among smaller LA sports teams.

A payment strategy is also critical. And at Bus.com, our Book Now / Pay Later option can help team managers save some stress before the big game by allowing them to book transportation in advance and finalize payment closer to the departure date.

Got an upcoming sports game in Los Angeles? Get ready, get set, and let’s go with Bus.com!

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