Charter a bus rental to the Ontario International Airport

If you’re thinking about taking a charter bus to Ontario International Airport, you’re on the right track. Whether you’re trying to get to the next leg of your journey or you’re going home for the holidays, it makes sense that you’d want to snag a seat on a bus rental to Ontario Airport. Here’s all you need to know about taking a charter bus to get to your upcoming flight.

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Why charter a bus for the Ontario International Airport

In theory, you could take a cab to Ontario International Airport, but a bus rental is a solid option for anyone seeking an affordable, efficient, and reliable route to their flight. Even with the infamous traffic of southern California, a charter bus is sure to get you to your flight on time.   If you’re traveling with a group, choosing to rent a bus allows you all to stay together. You don’t have to split up, making the ride easier on everyone involved. Renting a bus is a particularly affordable option for larger groups. From minibus rentals with 21 seats to coach buses with 55 seats, you’re sure to find the charter bus that fits your needs just right.  

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About the Surrounding Area

About the Surrounding Area

ONT is a California airport serving the San Bernardino and Riverside areas. About 40 minutes from downtown LA, this airport is a popular option for tourists who want to soak up all things Hollywood. Commonly summited Mt. San Antonio is only 22 miles away, and the Bridge to Nowhere isn’t much further. Whether you’re an outdoorsy traveler or you’re hoping to catch a glimpse of your favorite celebrity’s Hollywood star, coming home via Ontario International Airport can suit you.   Aside from the airport, Ontario has quite a bit going for it. The mountain views of nearby Rancho Cucamonga, major laughs at Ontario Improv Come...

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2500 E Airport Dr Ontario, CA 91761, United States

About the Ontario International Airport

In 2019, Ontario Airport served more than five and a half million passengers, making it the third largest airport in the region. Located in Ontario, California, ONT continues to serve as a popular option for passengers coming from San Bernardino, Riverside, and even LA. No matter where you’re coming from in SoCal, ONT can take you where you’re going.   People have been flying planes on Ontario Airport land since 1923 under the name Friends of Ontario Airport. However, it wasn’t until 1946 that this airport became Ontario International Airport. With quite a long history of development, Ontario Airport saw the area change from a bare region of ice stations and packing companies to a bustling area where people live, work, and play. No longer is it reserved for shippers sending packages on their way.   Just off the San Bernardino Freeway (otherwise known as I-10), Ontario Airport is easy to get to. Passengers arrive mostly by car or charter bus. The nearby Ontario Convention Center, Auto Club Speedway, and even Angeles National Forest all prove that ONT is a well-situated spot to catch a flight, no matter where you’re going.

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