How-To Guide to Renting a Passenger Van

A passenger van is a light commercial vehicle used for transporting people. It is an efficient and versatile solution for any project that requires carrying a group of passengers, particularly suitable for smaller groups from 8 to 15.

Passenger vans are usually optimized to be tough and to have powerful yet fuel-efficient engines. They are widely used in intra-city operations thanks to their compact size that allows for easier maneuvering and parking even with the lack of space. The sprinter van is the most popular type of passenger van that is used for group travel.

If you’re looking for a sprinter van to rent, either with a driver or without, offers a number of flexible options. Here are some of their most common uses:

What are Passenger Vans Used For?

Vans are so versatile that they are used for almost every trip type, whether it be for leisure or business. In urban North America, passenger vans have been used as commuter vehicles and employee shuttles since at least 1971. To this day, they are a popular alternative to carpooling and ride-sharing in various communities, whether it be driving children to daycare, senior citizens to their regular programs, and employees to and from work.

  • In smaller communities or across shorter distances where full-sized buses are not justified, some passenger vans may run along established routes as a public service.
  • Fifteen is just a perfect number of seats for many clubs, so schools sometimes use sprinter vans to drive athletic and competitive teams to games.
  • For some businesses, passenger vans replace mobile offices and operation bases because they can carry almost entire teams to their next project. Vans are used for TV and news production, especially abroad, by non-profits, by search-and-rescue and first responders, by archeology or restoration specialists, and more.
  • Vans are also used to shuttle visitors and their luggage between hotels, event venues, and airports. Their compact size allows for a speedier fill-up and faster turnaround.
  • Companies, industrial, and research facilities use sprinter vans as campus shuttles. They serve as the employee and military personnel commute service between parking lots and buildings.
  • Large malls built on the metropolitan areas’ outskirts commonly provide free shopper shuttles from the nearest transport stops to their entrance.
  • “Church vans” are also used to transport elderly or mobility-impaired worshipers to and from church services, or to take youth groups to picnics and other church visits. Caregivers especially value flexible rear-step options that help with unloading wheelchairs.

Types of Passenger Van Models

For the 2020 model year, the leading full-size passenger sprinter vans in the American market include the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and Ford Transit. Fierce competition between the two benefits the consumers: it means that there is no slack in technology, build quality, design, and services available to both.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is a lightweight commercial van built by Daimler, assembled by Freightliner, and marketed in the US by Mercedes-Benz.

The latest Sprinter has raised its versatility and flexibility to a new height, making the van modular and customizable. The safety and connectivity options got yet another reboot while keeping the vehicle cost-efficient.

Safety is enhanced with Active Brake Assist, Traffic Sign Assist, Attention Assist, and Blind Spot Assist. In the latest passenger models, automatic transmission became the standard equipment (please double-check with us regarding the specific vehicle you are renting).

Ergonomic seats offer lower sides, individual headrests, and lumbar supports, and the hull provides optimized noise reduction, plenty of legroom, and ample rear storage area for luggage.

Ford Transit Passenger

The Ford Transit Passenger Van also focuses on flexibility and efficiency in handling caregivers, teams, and tourists’ daily needs. The Transit Passenger Van can comfortably carry up to 15 passengers and their luggage.

The Ford Transit -— sometimes called Ford T-Series — has been produced by Ford since 1965. With over 8 million Transit sold, it is considered the third best-selling van ever. The Transit even serves as chassis for school bus manufacturers.

The current fourth-generation Transit was designed by Ford teams of North America and Europe and revised in 2020 to meet even stricter sustainability and efficiency standards. It comes with Ford Co-Pilot360™ Technologies and all-wheel drive for better safety and confidence on the road, and with Ford Telematics for greater connectivity.

Chevrolet Express

The Chevrolet Express is a full-sized van that is produced by American company General Motors. While it comes with a standard seating arrangement of 12, it is possible for the van to fit up to 15 passengers.

The Chevrolet Express is mostly known for two separate things: its powerful engine and its copious amounts of cargo room. While the former makes it reliable, the latter makes it a popular choice among bands or construction companies.

You can rent a sprinter van from, either chauffeured or with no driver, depending on your individual needs. If you choose to drive your 15-seat van yourself, we recommend familiarizing yourself with its unique driving characteristics and safety requirements.

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