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Rent a non-chauffeured sprinter van with Bus.com

Bus.com offers two types of sprinter van rentals:


    • Chauffeured (vehicles that come with a vetted driver)

– Non-chauffeured (vehicles that do not come with a driver and must be driven by a member of your group)


Non-chauffeured rentals are only available for sprinter vans, which do not require special licenses to operate. Only a standard driver’s license is required*.


*With the exception of the province of Quebec, where a special 4B license is required to operate any vehicle with more than 8 passengers.

What is a sprinter van?

Even if you have never heard of a sprinter van, chances are that you have seen one before. Sprinter vans are comparable to personal minivans but generally offer more space for cargo and for passengers, with an average of 8 to 12 seats (up to 15 seats in some cases — 14 seat models are also possible). Sprinter vans are a comfortable and economic way to transport small groups across both short and long distances.

How does a non-chauffeured sprinter van rental work?

Renting a sprinter van is similar to renting a car. As such, a driver must hold a valid driver’s license, be over the age of 25, and have valid insurance coverage for the trip. Sprinter vans must be picked up and dropped off at the same depot location ( see a list of available depot locations here).

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In order to better protect our customers and our bus partners, we have implemented new measures such as the disinfecting of buses between trips

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Frequently asked questions about renting a sprinter van without a driver

Is there a minimum age requirement for renting a sprinter van?

Yes. The minimum age required to rent a sprinter van is 25.

Does a non-chauffeured sprinter van rental come with insurance?

Insurance is not included in the base price of your sprinter van rental. Your personal insurance policy may offer sufficient coverage for your trip. Otherwise, it is also possible to purchase auto liability insurance through us.


It is also required that you have collision insurance, which can similarly either be provided through your personal insurance policy or be purchased through us. Learn more.

Where are your non-chauffeured sprinter van rentals available?

Non-chauffeured sprinter van rentals are currently available in the following US markets:

  • Austin
  • Atlanta
  • Charlotte
  • Chicago
  • Columbus
  • Dallas
  • Los Angeles
  • Miami
  • New York
  • Orlando
  • Portland
  • San Francisco

It is also possible to rent a non-chauffeured passenger van in Toronto.

What kind of sprinter van models are available to rent?

Bus.com works with vetted bus partners and suppliers throughout North America, which gives us access to a variety of vehicle types. The most popular models of sprinter vans are as follows:


  • Ford Transit
  • Mercedes-Benz Sprinters
  • Chevrolet Express

How many passengers can fit in a sprinter van?

The most common sprinter van models offer 8, 12, 14, or 15 seats. Seating configurations vary by vehicle, so please indicate your passenger count at the time of booking. Larger groups may be interested in chauffeured school bus or coach bus rentals.

How do I book a sprinter van without a driver?

To book a sprinter van without a driver, please use our online booking tool or reach out to our customer service team at 1-855-428-7266.

When is the best time to book a non-chauffeured sprinter van?

As price will vary depending on vehicle availability, it is recommended that you book your sprinter van rental as far in advance as possible.

What is your change or cancellation policy for non-chauffeured sprinter van rentals?

For trips booked after March 12, 2020, and running before August 31, 2020: it is now possible to re-book or cancel all bookings up to seven days before the trip start date. Cancellations that occur before seven days are eligible for a full refund.


For all other dates, changes and cancellations can be made without penalty up to 21 days before the trip state date.

What kind of driver’s license do I need to drive a sprinter van?

To drive a sprinter van, you must possess a valid North American license from your province or state of residence. Unlike a coach bus or school bus, there are no other special license requirements required to drive a sprinter van.


Please note that one exception exists for the province of Quebec, where any vehicle that seats 8 passengers or more requires a class 4B license.

Is it difficult to drive a sprinter van?

If you can operate an average car or van, you can operate a sprinter van. Their compact size gives them an incredibly easy user experience.

What kind of groups rent sprinter vans?

All kinds! Sprinter vans are a “one size fits all” type of vehicle, which means that we cater to groups as diverse as families, film crews, government groups, bachelor/bachelorette parties, non-profit organizations, tour groups, and more.

We're a touring band. Can we rent a sprinter van?

Absolutely. In fact, sprinter vans are a popular choice for touring bands. Most models can comfortably fit the gear of a four or five-piece band while still leaving room for up to six passengers.

What kind of miles per gallon can I get out of a sprinter van?

Sprinter vans are known for being fuel efficient. While each rental’s fuel efficiency will depend on variables like vehicle model, cargo load, road quality, weather, and speed, many sprinter vans can achieve around 19 miles to the gallon.

What is your mileage policy?

In the United States, 250 miles per day is included in your sprinter van rental. Additional miles are charged at a rate of 0.35/mile.

Is it possible to return a vehicle after-hours?

Yes. If the depot will be closed at the time you plan to return your sprinter van rental, it is possible to return your sprinter van rental after hours at all of our depot locations, with the exception of Los Angeles.

Is there a number I can contact if I need help during my trip?

Bus.com operates a customer service hotline 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can reach us at 1-855-428-7266.


What kind of amenities are available on a sprinter van?

Some of the amenities that are available on sprinter vans include bench seating, cup holders, and backup camera. Certain vehicles may have USB outlets or televisions.

Are your sprinter van rentals in good condition?

Bus.com only sources vehicles from fully-vetted, reputable bus partners. This means that all of the vehicles that we offer are modern and in need of no outstanding maintenance.

Can I drive a sprinter van from Bus.com across state/country borders?

Yes, it is possible to drive our vans across state and provincial borders, as well as across the Canada-U.S. border, provided that the sprinter van is returned to its original departure location.


Disclaimer: due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the border between the United States and Canada may be closed. Please check the status of the border with local authorities before planning an international trip.

Can children ride in sprinter vans?

Yes, sprinter vans can accommodate children. Please note that you may be required to provide your own car seat or booster seat for your small passengers.

Can I drink in a sprinter van?

No. It is not permitted to drink inside of a sprinter van anywhere in Canada or the United States.

Is it possible to rent a sprinter van with a driver?

Certainly. Please visit our sprinter van page to learn more and to book a chauffeured sprinter van rental.

Frequently asked questions about sprinter van rental insurance

What kind of insurance is required to drive a sprinter van rental?

There are two types of insurance required:

  • Liability insurance
    This covers any damage or injuries you may cause to someone else due to your fault or negligence. For instance if you go through a red light and hit someone, liability insurance will cover the damages to the other person’s car, as well as any injuries they may have. Liability insurance does NOT cover damage to your vehicle. If you do not have liability insurance please read this section.
  • Collision Insurance
    Collision insurance covers collision damage to your vehicle (in this case the rented vehicle), regardless of who is at fault. So whether someone did a hit and run and dented your door in the parking lot while you were shopping for groceries, or you backed up into a telephone pole, either way collision insurance will cover you.If you have both liability AND collision from a single insurance company it’s called “Comprehensive Insurance”. Most comprehensive auto insurance policies will cover damage to rented vehicles, but you should always check with your carrier if you are not sure.

What kind of insurance packages are available for purchase?

If you do not already have the appropriate insurance coverage, it is possible to purchase the following packages:


  • Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) ($22/day)
    A CDW covers damage to just the rental vehicle, regardless of who is at fault. It may duplicate coverage you already have with your own insurance or credit card, but on the other hand even if you have insurance it can protect you from your premiums going up in the event of a claim. It also covers loss-of-use which many policies do not provide coverage for. Some credit cards offer (or claim to offer) collision coverage, but we recommend you read the section below before using your credit card for collision coverage. Our CDW has a $2,500 deductible.
  • Renter’s Liability Protection (RLP) ($24/day)
    Renters Liability Protection provides primary liability coverage to the renter, ensuring that the renter is covered for third-party liability claims to the state statutory limits. (Musicians please see note below). RLP is not available in Florida, North Carolina, and Oregon.
  • Supplemental Liability Insurance (SLI) ($24/day)
    Supplemental Liability Insurance is an optional coverage that protects the renter against third party liability claims as a result of an accident while the rentee was operating the rental auto. SLI provides excess coverage over the underlying insurance/or self insured statutory limits required in the executed and signed rental agreement. SLI DOES NOT PROVIDE PRIMARY LIABILITY COVERAGE TO THE RENTER. SLI covers the difference up to $1,000,000 in excess of the limits of liability provided by all underlying insurance available or statutory limits.
  • Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) ($8/day)
    Personal Accident Insurance provides coverage in the event of an extreme accident. It provides coverage due to accidental death (up to $250,000), ambulance fees and other medical expenses (up to $2,500), and also covers your personal items against damage or theft (please note there are exclusions for non-personal items like electronic and music equipment)
    SPECIAL NOTE FOR VEHICLES BEING USED FOR COMMERCIAL USE: As a business you are engaged in commercial use, and if there is a significant claim your personal insurance policy may decline coverage due to this commercial use. (see this article for more information). For this reason we STRONGLY urge all of our professional clients to secure commercial grade liability insurance.

Is it possible to have insurance provided through my credit card?

It is important that you pay careful attention when determining whether or not the insurance offered through your credit card company will be sufficient. Here are some things to keep in mind:


Credit cards do NOT provide liability coverage (damage to other people and property besides yourself and the company). If they provide anything at all, it will be collision coverage only. We are aware of only one credit card that provides liability coverage.
Not all credit cards are the same. Some cards charge extra in order to activate collision coverage. Some cards do not provide collision coverage at all. It is the renter’s responsibility to contact their credit card company to find out specifics.


Some programs specifically exclude passenger vans.
Many credit card companies have specific exclusions for business use. Read the exclusions carefully.
Most credit card collision coverage is secondary, which means they will only pay after your own auto liability insurance carrier has maxed out.


Only a few cards will cover loss-of-use, or administrative fees. You will still be responsible for anything they do not cover.

List of Depots

515 Thompson Ln
Austin, TX, 78742
Monday-Sunday 9am – 5pm


624 Cordell Dr.
Suite B
College Park, GA, 30349
Monday-Sunday 9am – 5pm


5019 Wilkinson Boulevard
Charlotte, NC, 28208
Monday-Sunday 9am – 5pm


3300 W. North Ave.
Stone Park, IL, 60165
Monday-Sunday 9am – 5pm


1125 S. Hamilton Rd
Columbus, OH, 43227
Monday-Sunday 9am – 5pm


3850 Valley View Lane
Irving, TX, 75062
Monday-Sunday 9am – 5pm


Los Angeles
5811 Willoughby
Los Angeles, CA, 90038
Monday-Sunday 9am – 5pm

2850 NW 40th Avenue
Bay #1
Miami, FL, 33142
Monday-Sunday 9am – 5pm


3035 Rue Hochelaga
Montréal, QC
H1W 1G1
9am – 5pm daily

1231 Lebanon Pike
Nashville, TN
9am – 5pm daily

New York
23 Terminal Road
(Behind hotel)
Lyndhurst, NJ, 07071
Monday-Sunday 9am – 5pm


6050 South Semoran Boulevard
(Park Bark n Fly)
Orlando, FL, 32822
Monday-Sunday 9am – 5pm


11100 NE Holman St
Portland, OR, 97220
Monday-Sunday 9am – 5pm


San Francisco
2200 Cesar Chavez
Suite #16
San Francisco, CA, 94124
Monday-Sunday 9am – 5pm


445 Rexdale Blvd
(Comfort Hotel Lobby)
Etobicoke, ON M9W 6P8
Monday-Friday 9am – 8 pm
Saturday-Sunday 9am – 5pm

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