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Toronto sprinter vans for rent makes it easier than ever to rent a sprinter van online

Sprinter vans are sleek, modern passenger vans that are purpose-built to comfortably and efficiently transport small groups over short distances. Particularly useful for their versatility, sprinter vans come in a range of configurations and can fill a wide variety of roles, while their compact size and unique profiles make them easy to maneuver and park on even the busiest streets of downtown Toronto.

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Sprinter van rentals FAQ

What kind of groups use sprinter vans?

A sprinter van charter is a great, budget-friendly choice for a huge variety of possible roles and events. Whether chartered as a wedding shuttle, a touring van, a festival bus, or a construction crew vehicle, sprinter vans are both stylish and robust enough to blend seamlessly into any background. They can be the perfect choice when minibus or mini coach buses would be too large, while ordinary commercial vans either would be too small, would clash with the formality of an occasion, or would not be adaptable enough for your given needs.


What kind of amenities does a sprinter van come with?

Sprinter vans are available in a range of distinct configurations with variable seating, cargo capacity, and onboard amenities. Some sprinter vans come equipped with WiFi and USB outlets.

How much does it cost to rent a sprinter van?

The price of your sprinter van will depend on a number of factors including length of trip, location of trip, and requested amenities. Our online booking tool can provide you with an instant pricing estimate for your trip.

How many passengers can fit in a sprinter van?

Sprinter vans can come in a variety of configurations, including:

  • 10 passenger
  • 12 passenger
  • 14 passenger

If you are looking for transport for 15 passengers or more, a minibus may be better suited.

The benefits of sprinter vans

The key to the sprinter van’s versatility is its range of available configurations. Sprinter vans have an array of interior layouts that feature variable seating arrangements, different cargo space and payload capacities, and even optional passenger amenities like AC, WiFi, and passenger power outlets. Here are some other advantages offered by a sprinter van rental: 

  • Sprinter vans feature spacious interiors with tall ceilings, low decks, and sliding passenger bay doors that contribute to making the sprinter extremely quick and easy to both board and disembark from.
  • All variants of sprinter vans feature a storage compartment accessible from double doors in the rear. 
  • Even with its generous interior space, sprinter vans have relatively small ecological footprints when contrasted with larger minibuses and mini coach buses.



  • The uniquely compact size and shape of the sprinter van allow for it to nimbly negotiate busy downtown Toronto streets, and even allows for parking in most conventional-sized spaces and underground parking lots.
  • Sprinter vans also feature adjustable side mirrors for excellent visibility, making the vehicle extremely easy to manage, even for drivers accustomed to much smaller vehicles. is trusted by companies both big and small
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