Toronto Guide to Airport Bus Rentals

Air travel can be intense, especially if you’re landing in a city you don’t know very well. Add wrangling a fleet of cabs into the mix, and you’ve got a major headache. With a little planning, you can organize easy, comfortable, and cost-effective airport pick-up by charter bus. Whether you’re organizing airport shuttles for a big corporate event or simply picking up wedding guests, your friends/family/colleagues will thank you for covering the final leg of their journey to Toronto. So request a quote with our online booking tool to start planning airport pickup at Pearson International Airport.

Do you really need to arrange airport pickup?

If you’re planning a group trip to a new city, especially one as overwhelming as TO, you’ll definitely want to arrange airport pickup. By meeting your group at Pearson with a Toronto charter bus, you can take the guesswork out of the last hour of your journey and keep everyone together. Hiring cabs for everyone in the group is expensive and can lead to stragglers getting lost on the way to the hotel. Oh! And a charter bus can drop you off and leave, so there are no parking hassles to deal with. Heaven!

If you are trying to arrange transportation for a small group of individuals, there are other options available for you. A sprinter van rental from is the perfect solution for post-flight fatigue, as each vehicle comfortably sits up to 15 individuals.

Rent a bus from Toronto International Airport.

How far in advance should you rent a bus in Toronto?

As your travel date approaches, bus availability tends to decrease. When that happens, prices can increase. To get the best price for your Toronto bus rental, book at least six months in advance. We want to make the booking process as easy as possible, so we offer a Book Now, Pay Later option. Rent a bus ASAP, then wait to pay until 21 days before departure.

How much should airport pickup by Toronto charter bus cost?

The cost of your airport pickup at Pearson International will depend upon your bus type, the amount of stops you add to your trip, dead head (the time it takes your driver to get from the bus depot to your location), bus availability, and the time of year. Our quotes also include the driver’s gratuity, taxes, and any necessary accommodations. So what does that mean in hard numbers? A school bus costs around $81 per hour whereas a coach bus costs around $115. Keep in mind that some bus operators have minimum drive times. Use our online booking tool to get a quote for your trip.

Charter bus rentals from Toronto Pearson Airport.

When is the best time to visit Toronto?

While there are many winter activities to enjoy in Canada, the best time to visit the 6ix the summer. There’s something about emerging from a parka that gets Canadians extra-friendly and ready to party. Summers in Toronto are all about getting out on the street, socializing, enjoying park-life, and relaxing on rooftop patios. If you’re renting a Toronto charter bus in June, we recommend booking in January or early February.

Group tour suggestions to add to your itinerary

So you’re flying to TO, now what? Even if you’re traveling for a special occasion like a wedding, tournament, or college campus tour, you’ll want to add a little fun. We recommend adding a few of these Toronto must-sees to your itinerary.

Hockey Hall of Fame

In the heart of downtown TO, stands Canada’s Hockey Hall of Fame. Prime Minister Diefenbaker once said, “There is nothing greater than hockey to bring about national unity and a closer relationship between the United States and Canada.” So, whether you’re American, Canadian, or from anywhere else in this world, as long as you love hockey, the Hall of Fame is a great stop on your bus tour of Toronto.

Toronto charter bus rentals to Hockey Hall of Fame.

The Distillery District

For 158 years the Victorian industrial buildings of the Distillery District produced everything from antifreeze to whisky. Today, it is a vibrant artist’s haven full of small studios, luxury boutiques, trendy galleries, and even trendier bars. Add a stop at this historic pedestrian neighborhood to get acquainted with Toronto’s artistic side.

Charter bus rentals to Toronto's Distillery District.
Credit: Narcity

CN Tower

The CN Tower. That giant “You’re in Toronto!” signal at the core of the 6ix’s skyline. Before you set off on your TO adventure, get a bird’s eye view from 147 floors up. If you really want to challenge yourself, sign up for an Edgewalk, strap on a harness, and see the city from the tower’s outdoor ledge.

Charter bus rentals to the CN Tower Toronto.

Yonge Street

Whether or not Yonge Street is the longest street in Canada is still in debate, but no one can deny its cultural importance. Visit the Toronto Public Library, Elgin Theatre, Winter Garden Theatre, and, of course, the Hockey Hall of Fame, or do some shopping at any of the boutiques, souvenir shops, or large department stores that line the sidewalk. You can drive down Yonge or have your driver drop you off for a walk.

Charter bus rentals to Yonge Street Toronto.
Credit: Now Toronto

Toronto Zoo

A leader in environmental preservation and a fun place to take a bus load of kiddos, the Toronto Zoo is a great way of getting some air after a long plane ride. Have your Toronto bus rental pick you up at Pearson, and whisk your group off on an animal adventure. Over 450 species live at the Toronto Zoo. They’re all expertly cared for by a stellar team. Support them with your visit!

Charter bus rentals to the Toronto Zoo.
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Canada’s Wonderland

Traveling with theme park enthusiasts? Who isn’t? Start your GTA tour with a day trip to Canada’s Wonderland, home of the Leviathan, the Behemoth, and the Mighty Canadian Minebuster. Whether you go straight there from the airport (a thirty minute bus ride) or stop off at your hotel first, a Toronto charter bus can handle your trip.

Charter bus rentals to Canada's Wonderland Toronto.
Credit: Canada’s Wonderland

Start planning your Toronto airport pickup

Now that you’ve decided to skip the cabs and go straight for a lux bus, it’s time to book your charter bus. Start by inputting your itinerary into our online quote generator. Once you have a quote, talk to your booking specialist to fine-tune the details of your trip. We’ve staffed our offices with some mega-logistics nerds who are ready and willing to answer all your transportation questions.