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Charter a bus rental to the Chateau Marmont

Chateau Marmont is THE luxury hotel in Los Angeles. Even if your group can’t stay there, it’s worth checking out one of the luxurious digs that have attracted Hollywood stars from Garbo and Lohan to Paris and Britney. Get a Los Angeles charter bus rental so that your group can enjoy the trip to and from Chateau Marmont in Hollywood style.

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Why charter a bus for the Chateau Marmont

Chateau Marmont begs its visitors to arrive in style. Just knowing its history, it’d be hard to roll up without making some sort of Hollywood-style announcement. If your group wants to feel like it belongs at Chateau Marmont, you’ll want to charter a private bus rental in Los Angeles. If you hire a private driver, you’ll be picked up and dropped off at Chateau Marmont without the worries of where to park and cutting your trip short so that you don’t get fined for unpaid parking fees.

About the surrounding area

Chateau Marmont is located on the small street that shares its name. The street comes off of Sunset Boulevard just west of The Griddle Cafe, which is a great spot to explore elevated takes on American breakfast classics. If you continue down Sunset away after visiting the hotel, you’ll find Sunset Plaza, which is a convenient location for shopping. The mall offers a number of recognizable shops, in addition to several art galleries and food destinations. If you’re looking for other eateries in the area, check out some iconic Hollywood names such as Pink Taco, The Den on Sunset, and Sunset Trocadero Lounge. If you’re just looking for some cocktails after your Chateau Marmont visit, nearby locations include Hyde Sunset Kitchen + Cocktails and Chateau Hanare.

About the Chateau Marmont

The wild stories of Hollywood stars getting into shenanigans at Chateau Marmont are almost endless. The hotel, which was designed by architect William Douglas Lee and opened in 1929. Its architecture is inspired by Chateau d’Ambroise, which is a royal retreat in France’s Loire Valley. But the architecture may not be as stunning to most as some of the stories of events that have taken place at the hotel.

From rumors of Jean Harlow’s affair with Clark Gable to wild accounts of Led Zeppelin tearing through the lobby on motorcycles, it seems that all the biggest Hollywood stars have gotten into some sort of trouble at Chateau Marmont.The hotel has a hush-hush policy that has been kind to Hollywood stars for more than 90 years, and the seven-story castle is a magnificent sight in and of itself.

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