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Charter a bus rental to the Palace of Fine Arts Theatre

The Palace of Fine Arts Theatre in San Francisco is an iconic city landmark. It is one of the few structures leftover from the 1915 Pan-Pacific International Exposition and regularly hosts art exhibitions and other cultural events. Get a San Francisco bus rental so you can take your group for a fun day at the Palace of Fine Arts Theatre without the hassle of driving or parking.

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Why charter a bus for the Palace of Fine Arts Theatre

The Palace of Fine Arts Theatre is located in the Marina District of San Francisco. The best way to arrive there safely, especially if you’re traveling with a group, is by renting a San Francisco charter bus. We have many types of charter buses to choose from: minibuses for small groups under 21 passengers, mini coach buses for visiting sports team, coach buses for corporate outings, and school buses for class field trips to the Palace. Whatever your group’s needs, we have the right style of bus to meet them and provide safe transportation to and from the Palace of Fine Arts Theatre!

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About the Surrounding Area

About the Surrounding Area

The Palace of Fine Arts Theatre still sits on its original site on approximately 17 acres off of Lyon Street. It is bordered by Baker Street to the east, Palace Drive to the west, and Marina Boulevard to the north. In addition to regular art exhibitions, the Palace of Fine Arts Theatre hosts a variety of music shows, comedy routines, and classical theatre performances. The Palace is also a very popular location for couples seeking to capture stunning wedding photographs. The neighborhood surrounding the Palace of Fine Arts Theatre is also worth exploring. Once you’re there, you’ll be within close proximity to a number of lesser-known San Franc...

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601 Lyon St San Francisco, CA 94123, United States

About the Palace of Fine Arts Theatre

In 1915, the city of San Francisco was still recovering from the devastation of the earthquake and subsequent fires less than a decade earlier. At a time of turmoil for the city and the world abroad, San Francisco’s city leaders developed a plan to encourage trade and demonstrate how a rebuilt San Francisco would play an active role in the international community for years to come. The Palace of Fine Arts Theatre was designed by Bernard R. Maybeck. He based the design for the Palace on his impression of a Roman ruin. With its soaring colonnade, grand rotunda, and carefully constructed pond, Maybeck’s design was meant to invoke quiet sadness and solemnity. True to his vision, the Palace of Fine Arts Theatre fell into ruin for a number of years after the Exposition, but it was rebuilt in 1965. The lagoon and walkways were renovated in 2009, at which time the whole site also received a modern seismic retrofit.

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