Charter Bus Rental vs. Rideshare: What's the Difference?

At, we’re all about moving people easily, comfortably, and cost-effectively with bus rentals. No matter what kind of trip you’re planning, our buses and reliable drivers will get you to where you need to be with all of your companions and luggage in tow. Not to mention, arranging group transportation with a whole bus is definitely cheaper than taking multiple cars. If everyone pitches in, everyone ends up saving some money for a rainy day!

But enough about travelling in a group – what if you want to embark on a solo expedition? Our rideshare travel options allow you to do just that. We partner with tons of festivals every year to coordinate a shuttle bus service to get you (and a few friends, if you want) to some of the best live gigs in North America and have the time of your life.

But at the end of the day, what are the main differences and advantages between renting a whole bus or reserving a single seat to a fixed destination? After all, a bus is a bus is a bus, right? We know there are intricacies that aren’t entirely transparent, which is why we’re about to dive into the difference between whole bus and rideshare transportation.

What is the difference between a charter bus rental and rideshare?

Charter Bus Rental

Put simply: our whole bus option allows you to, well, rent a whole bus. You also get to customize your route itinerary, so you can implement multiple stops along the way before arriving to your end destination. Renting an entire bus provides tons of perks that other methods of transit don’t, namely the fact that you can keep your entire crew together from Point A to Point B (to Point C, and so on). Loading your entire group onto one vehicle allows you to transcend your trip experience beyond your fixed destination and make memories together on the road.

Whether you’re headed to a corporate event, planning wedding transportation, shuttling your sports team to a pitch or arena, or are simply hitting the road on a group road trip, a whole bus rental is the best way to move your group together.

Whole bus rentals are great for transporting large groups to an event.


Rideshare, on the other hand, is quite different: you book an individual bus seat to a fixed event/destination. With rideshare, you share a ride with other passengers whom you probably will not know – but who could become new friends. It’s a great opportunity to get to know new people who most likely have the same interests as you, since you’re all onboard and headed to the same destination!

There is no option to customize your route itinerary when you reserve a rideshare seat, because you’ll be travelling with a bunch of other people who also purchased seats to the same destination as you.

When would you rent a charter bus rental for group transportation?

There are plenty of instances wherein a whole bus rental would be advantageous. From corporate conferences to weddings, field trips to city tours, buses are increasingly becoming the preferred norm when it comes to choosing how you’ll move your group from location to location.

At the end of the day, you can rent a whole bus to transport your crew to pretty much any event or destination, near or far.

Rent a whole bus to transport your entire group to your destination.

How much does it cost to book a whole bus?

Depending on the size of your group and the amount of time you’ll need a bus for, the cost of your bus and the model that fits your needs best will vary. For example, a coach bus costs $115/hour and is great for groups of 55 people or less. This is a great option for long trips, as there are plenty of amenities that you can add on to your rental, like air conditioning, an A/V set up, and more!

A mini coach bus costs between $475–$900 per day, and can fit up to 32 people. A school bus rental is another great option for larger groups, and are able to fit up to 47 people at a cost of $81/hour. Last but not least, minibus rentals can seat up to 21 people and cost an average of $98/hour.

When would you book a seat for rideshare?

Booking a seat for rideshare refers to booking a seat on a shuttle bus shared with other people to a fixed destination. Every year, partners with dozens of music festivals and live entertainment gigs to offer a convenient solution to getting to remotely-located events. Rideshare season typically spans from May–October, when the majority of music festivals take place.

Interested in attending one of this year’s festivals? Here’s a list of all the rideshare music festivals happening across North America throughout 2019. Be sure to grab your seat early on before they sell out!

Rideshare shuttle buses transport you to the best music festivals and events in North America.

Epicenter – Rockingham, NC (May 10 – 12)
Santa Teresa – Sainte-Térèse, QC (May 17 – 19)
Elements Music & Art Festival – Lakewood, PA (May 24 – 26)
Ever After Music Festival – Kitchener, ON (June 7 – 9)
Montebello Rock – Montebello, QC (June 14 – 15)
Firefly Festival – Dover, DE (Jun 21 – 23)
Electric Forest – Montague, MI (June 27 – 30)
Osheaga – Montreal, QC (Aug 2 – 4)
Boots & Hearts – Oro Medonte, ON (Aug 8 – 11)
Breakaway Ohio – Ohio Columbus, OH (Aug 23 – 24)
Breakaway Michigan – Grand Rapids, MI (Aug 23 – 24)
Bass Canyon – George, WA (Aug 23 – 25)
Seven Peaks Festival – Buena Vista, CO (Aug 30 – Sept 1)
Imagine Festival – Hampton, GA (Sept 20 – 22)
Lost Lands Festival – Thornville, OH (Sept 27 – 29)
Breakaway NC – Charlotte, NC (Oct 4 – 5)
Breakaway TN – Nashville, TN (Oct 11 – 12)

While music festivals are rideshare’s predominant focus, it does carry over into other types of events besides musical events. Single rideshare seats to hackathons, for example, are extremely popular.

How much does it cost to book a rideshare seat?

Depending on the festival or event that you book a shuttle seat for, the price will fluctuate. Visit our Bus Tickets page to browse a complete list of rideshare events, submit your trip details, and you’ll receive a pricing quote!