Los Angeles Guide to Airport Bus Rentals

Whether you’re a fan of sunny skies or spotting stars as they shoot around town, Los Angeles is  an unequivocal utopia where celebrity, grit and boho chic cohabitate. And whether you’re coming to LA to attend a corporate conference or just to take in some of the glitz and glamor, getting your group shuttled safely around Los Angeles with Bus.com is paramount for enjoying the full vibe of this city.

Imagine arriving in a new city – a metropolis, exhausted and jet lagged after a grueling flight, and then having to navigate the chaos of public transportation or pay exorbitant fees for a taxi or ride-sharing service. It can be frustrating, to say the least. Hotels, venues, and businesses that go the extra distance by offering airport shuttle services to their clients, sports teams, student groups, employees, and personal guests can create a world of difference in the lives of those visiting LA and landing at LAX.

Arriving in Los Angeles: LAX and Airport Shuttle Services

After all that time spent getting to the airport, checking bags, going through security, and then again picking up your bags in LAX – that is if nothing happens to go wrong in the meantime – the last thing you need to worry about is arranging group transportation after landing in Los Angeles. Not only does an airport shuttle service provide convenience and comfort, but it also demonstrates your commitment to the group’s satisfaction with their journey through LA.

Whether it’s a quick ride to the hotel or a longer trip to a trade show or event outside the city, travelers will appreciate the effort put into making their arrival and departure smooth and stress-free. So ease everyone’s travel worries and say goodbye to transportation woes. A shuttle service from LAX provides you, your customers, and your visitors with a reliable ride to and from the airport. Your passengers are our passengers! Experienced drivers are thoroughly screened, and will be eagerly awaiting new arrivals at the terminal. Travel in comfort and arrive at your destination via private airport shuttle services feeling refreshed with a full-range of customizable onboard amenities and tech features via our LAX charter bus rentals.

Finding the Right Charter Bus Rental and Airport Shuttle Service

When it comes to your Los Angeles airport shuttle service, you need on-demand transport solutions tailored for your group. How many people are you expecting and what are their unique transportation needs? We offer travel or commute options designed for groups of up to 15 passengers where you can take the wheel yourself, all the way to 55 people per charter bus.

Whether you prefer a decked-out coach bus or a compact and cost-efficient minibus, we’ll find the perfect transportation solution for your group with our versatile fleet of Los Angeles charter bus rentals and airport shuttle services. Ride on time with Bus.com!

Coach Bus Rentals in Los Angeles

A coach bus rental may indeed represent the ultimate in luxury wheels. Our coach bus rentals are ideal for longer commutes throughout Los Angeles, especially ones that involve multiple stops. Each coach bus handles up to 55 passengers who want to travel – everywhere – in style. With a range of modern amenities, including a pristine onboard restroom, air conditioning, and ample room for all that luggage, the charter coach bus rental option will make everyone involved nothing less than a VIP!

Whether it’s for business or pleasure, renting a coach bus as your Los Angeles airport shuttle service is a surefire way to experience the City of Angels and the Greater Los Angeles Area in supreme comfort!

Mini Coach Bus Rentals in Los Angeles

Visitors to Los Angeles frequently opt for mini coach bus rentals for their airport shuttle services due to their practicality and cost-effectiveness. In fact, mini coach bus rentals in Los Angeles can be equipped with similar amenities to full-sized luxury coach buses, but are slightly paired down in size for 32-40 passengers per bus. Sometimes you just don’t need all the extra space of a full coach bus, but you may still want all the sublime luxury. And that’s where the particular flair of the mini coach bus rental comes to life! Contact us today or use our online booking tool to find out more about prices for mini coach bus airport shuttles and receive the full VIP treatment.

Minibus Rentals in Los Angeles

Whether it’s as an employee shuttle bus for a conference or retreat, minibus rentals in Los Angeles are also a highly effective solution as an airport shuttle services for groups of up to 21 passengers per vehicle.

In LA, minibus rentals are also more affordable than other charter bus options while providing flexibility. Professional wedding organizers and party planners can rely on quality minibus rental experience that never compromises on comfort. Get in touch with us at Bus.com and find out more about our minibus airport shuttle options.

School Bus Rentals in Los Angeles

Ever thought about renting a school bus as your LAX shuttle bus service? When it comes to the most affordable transportation option for the largest number of people, it’s pretty hard to beat the dependability and the instant retro vibe of a school bus rental.

Also note that far from the old-fashioned yellow “lemons” often portrayed in Hollywood films, our state-of-the-art charter school buses provide safe airport shuttle services for groups of up to 47 friends, students, or employees per vehicle making their way around the Greater Los Angeles Area. If you need to get a lot of people reliably to and from LAX, there’s no doubt a school bus is your most budget-friendly option per head as an airport shuttle service.

Sprinter Van Rentals in Los Angeles

Want to drive your own Los Angeles airport shuttle bus service? For smaller groups of up to 15 people per vehicle and in situations when a professional chauffeur isn’t required, a sprinter van rental makes an ideal option for private LAX shuttle services. These fuel-efficient passenger vans offer a safe and comfortable mode of transportation through the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles life. Sprinter van rentals are also perfect for smaller birthday parties, reunions, or meetings. And yet, sprinter vans are still reasonably priced.

When Airport Shuttle Services in Los Angeles Matter the Most

Trade shows, basketball, live music, football, museums, baseball, film premieres – or maybe a private party at the mansion of a movie star? What doesn’t LA have? Whether your Los Angeles charter bus rental is taking you to a singer’s yacht deck or a quiet hotel room for a much needed post-airport nap, here are some of the typical reasons people book LAX shuttle services with Bus.com.

Trade Shows

Let’s face it. When you’re involved in a trade show, timing is of the essence. And Los Angeles hosts an abundance of conferences and industry trade shows throughout the year. Don’t leave your guests waiting at LAX stunned by all the traffic and bustle! VIPs and special speakers should be whisked away to their next destination without ado. Bus.com will ensure your airport shuttle bus service doesn’t create additional lag on what already promises to be a hectic day.

Special Events

Whether it’s music, movies, or sports, Los Angeles represents one of the planet’s premier cultural hubs – all year round! Now, you can even pull up to the big event in a taxi or a rideshare. Or you could do it in a bodacious charter bus rental, your entourage in tow. Whether it’s for business or pleasure, when you’re out having a good time in LA, it’s essential that your excursion goes smoothly. Don’t worry, we’ll take care of all the details for your airport shuttle bus.

Client or Employee Shuttle

Businesses, corporations, and industries all have thousands of workers and clients coming through LAX every day. And it may be the first time these VIPs, industry leaders, or employees are even stepping foot on Los Angeles soil. And that can be overwhelming – even on a quiet day. Get your professional contacts where they need to go, professionally and on time, with our LAX shuttle services and Los Angeles charter bus rentals.

University Events

University students visiting LAX for academic conferences, sports tournaments, or even spring break require airport shuttle services in great numbers. Whether you’re looking for something on a budget like a charter school bus for shorter trips or a charter coach bus with all the added perks, student groups can enjoy a safe ride through Los Angeles with our vetted drivers and reliable charter bus rentals. From orientation events to a special field trip, just tell us how many passengers are coming!

Sightseeing and Tours

The iconic Hollywood sign, theme parks, sports stadiums, concert venues, vineyards and spas – the Greater Los Angeles Area leaves little to be desired. Our charter bus rentals ensure that everyone on the tour group gets prompt airport shuttle services and continued transportation solutions for any and all legs of the journey. No matter the number of passengers, no matter your schedule, whether it’s a spiritual event or a bunch of pals, when you’re in LA, we’ll get you from A to B to C… and even Z!

Rent Your Los Angeles Airport Shuttle Now!

Our team of booking specialists at Bus.com knows how to get your group around the sprawling city of LA. Our Los Angeles airport shuttle services also provide customizable onboard technology and other amenities. And with our 24/7 support, you’ll never be left stranded anywhere in LA or LAX. Plus, our on-demand transportation solutions provide you with the optimal bus type for your group’s unique transportation needs. So go ahead, and blaze your own trail in the City of Angels with a chartered LAX shuttle bus rental from Bus.com!

Safe and easy airport bus rentals.

Our team of booking specialists at Bus.com knows how to get your group around the sprawling city of LA. Our Los Angeles airport shuttle services also provide customizable onboard technology and other, amenities. And with our 24/7 support, you’ll never be left stranded anywhere in LA or LAX. Plus, our on-demand transportation solutions provide you with the optimal bus type for your group’s unique transportation needs. So go ahead, and blaze your own trail in the City of Angels with a chartered LAX shuttle bus rental from Bus.com!

Los Angeles Airport Shuttle Service FAQs

Now that you know all your amazing charter bus rental options, it's nearly time to start booking your Los Angeles airport shuttle rental for the big event. Below are some commonly asked questions regarding our LAX shuttle services, such as when to book and the price range for the various charter bus rental options for the Greater Los Angeles area.

Why do I need airport shuttle services for LAX?

Overseeing groups on the move in Los Angeles can be daunting at the best of times. Is everyone on time? Do they all have boarding passes? It might sound basic, but you’d be stunned to hear how seemingly tiny oversights can cause big snafus in the long run. And trying to flip the bill with taxis and rideshares at the last minute on arrival usually leads to additional costs, complications, and unexpected delays.


At Bus.com, our airport shuttle services and charter bus rentals are the more convenient and affordable option for almost any event – welcoming VIPs, attending a wedding, rallying a sports team, or making the most of your getaway. Thanks to our versatile fleet of charter bus rentals, we can accommodate groups of all sizes for airport shuttle services and your trip to Los Angeles. Whether it’s for a dozen passengers or 1000, we’ll make booking your charter bus rentals a breeze with our flexible on-demand transportation model!

How much time do I need to book my Los Angeles airport shuttle service?

Do you have your event and travel dates in Los Angeles already? Then it’s never too early to start booking your charter bus rentals and LAX shuttle bus services. Whether you need a charter bus rental just to have a reliable shuttle to and from the airport, or whether you need transportation on an ongoing basis in Los Angeles, we generally recommend booking at least six to nine months before your journey to ensure availability and optimal prices, especially if you want to visit LA during the months of March through October, the middle of peak season.


Booking your Los Angeles airport shuttle service ahead of time is a smart move that can save you money, time, and headaches. By giving us ample time to coordinate your Los Angeles charter bus rental, you’ll be able to take advantage of our network of over 3,300 local charter bus suppliers and get the best rates. You can also rest easy in the meantime since you haven’t been gouged by those infamous last minute price surges. To get started, simply use our online booking tool to generate a detailed quote within two minutes, or get in touch with our friendly booking reps today.

How much should a Los Angeles charter bus rental cost?

The cost of your Los Angeles airport shuttle service and Los Angeles charter bus rentals ultimately depends on the size of your group, their individual requirements, the number of miles logged, the perks you’d like, the whims of the season, current fuel prices and an entire list of other things you probably don’t want to worry about. So let Bus.com do all the heavy lifting for you to ensure you always get the best charter bus rental price. Whether your rental is a few hundred dollars or a few thousand dollars, we will get you the lowest rates possible, leveraging our relationship with our trusted local bus suppliers!