Theme Parks Around Toronto to Visit This Summer

Summer is prime theme park season, and the parking lots are about to get packed! Rent a Toronto charter bus to transport your group to GTA theme parks and avoid the notorious parking hassles. Whether you’re a teacher with a field trip on the horizon or a corporate event planner preparing a product launch, there’s a Toronto area theme park for your group. This post will help you choose a theme park that can accommodate your unique requirements and book the bus that’s best for your trip.

How to choose a Toronto charter bus

There are a few factors that go into good bus selection, but ultimately it’s a pretty simple process. Start by getting a headcount. If your group is less than 20 people, rent a minibus or mini coach. If it’s more, opt for the school bus or the coach bus. Next, think about the kinds of amenities your passengers will expect. Do they want air conditioning? How about wifi, audio-visual equipment, or power outlets? Will you be camping and require extra luggage space? If you said yes to any of these questions, charter a Toronto coach bus. Read Our Quick Guide to Choosing a Bus for more bus selection tips and tricks.

If you aren’t traveling in a large group, it may make more sense for your group to rent a sprinter van. A sprinter van is a type of passenger vehicle designed to fit up to 15 travelers comfortably. offers easy-to-use sprinter van rentals in Toronto — we’ll even drop the van off at your house!

Canada’s Wonderland (Vaughan, ON – 1 hr 25 mins from TO)

When you think of Ontario theme parks, you’re usually envisioning Canada’s Wonderland. In fact, you’re probably picturing Wonder Mountain, the heart and soul of the park. Fun fact: The builders of the park had originally wanted a replica of the Eiffel Tower, but decided to go with something more Canadian—a mountain. Thrill seekers will LOVE this park, because the highest roller coaster in the world was just built on the site. At its tallest point, the Yukon Striker is 75 meters tall. Riders will drop at a 90-degree angle at a speed of 130 kilometers per hour. As for accommodations, there are many affordable rooms in Vaughan, and Canada’s Wonderland offers bundle deals with local hotels.

Toronto charter bus rentals to Canada's Wonderland.
Credit: Attractions Ontario

Calypso Park (Limoges, ON – 4 hr 25 min from TO)

At 100 acres, Calypso Park in Limoges, Ontario is the biggest water park in Canada. It’s home to 35 water slides, 100 games, and two rivers. The most intense ride at the park is Summit Tower, the highest water slide in Canada as of 2011. If plummeting down a slide isn’t your thing, check out the Hawaiian Beach bar where you can mingle with a fruity cocktail in hand. For VIPs, rent one or more of their luxury private cabanas. There are lots of hotel in nearby Ottawa and plenty of opportunities for camping in the region.

Toronto charter bus rentals to Calypso Water Park.
Credit: Calypso Park

Six Flags’ Darien Lake (Buffalo, NY – 2 hr 15 min from TO)

Just over the Canada-US border is New York’s largest theme park, Six Flags’ Darien Lake. It’s been around for more than 50 years, and boasts a mix of classic amusement park attractions and modern thrill ride technology. Besides the roller coasters, live entertainment, and water park, Darien Lake offers a number of lodging options. You can rent a cabin, book a room, pitch a tent, or even enjoy a luxurious glamping experience. The bus ride from TO to the park cuts right through upstate New York, an area famous for scenic drives that are beautiful in every season. Hot tip: If you’re planning a company trip to Darien Lake, be sure to ask for their discounted corporate group rates.

Toronto charter bus rentals to Six Flags' Darien Lake.
Credit: Visit Genesee NY

Wet ‘n Wild Toronto (Brampton, ON – 1 hr 8 min from TO)

The good folks at Wet ‘n Wild Toronto know how to entertain groups. They’ve got a whole team dedicated to making your group trip a success. On top of the water slides, wave pools, and zip lines, groups can get access to catering services and the Coconut Grove lounge, which holds up to 750 people and has hosted everything from birthday parties to product launches. The closest hotel accommodations are in Brampton, a short bus ride away, but you could also opt for any of the nearby group campgrounds.

Toronto charter bus rentals to Wet 'n Wild water park.
Credit: The Star

Fantasy Fair (Etobicoke, ON – 56 min from TO)

The largest indoor amusement park in Ontario, Fantasy Fair stands out from the rest. Located inside Etobicoke’s Woodbine Mall, this theme park offers rides, slides, and a 3D movie theatre year-round in rain, shine, sleet, or hail. You can even run a few errands on the same trip. Because it’s a mall, there are no accommodations on site. But it is in the GTA so your hotel options are pretty vast. For groups, the Fantasy Fair offers private party rooms. Entertain a group of teens, throw a shopping and rides bachelorette party, or entertain a group of seniors for a day.

Toronto charter bus rentals to Fantasy Fair.
Credit: Youtube

Centreville Amusement Park (Toronto, ON – Right downtown)

We would be neglecting our duty if we listed Toronto area theme parks without mentioning the park at the heart of TO: Centreville Amusement Park. Located on one of the Toronto Islands, the park attracts visitors from all over the GTA. If you’re coming from Barrie, Mississauga, Oakville, or anywhere else in North America, charter a bus to get your group to Toronto. Once you’re there, you can expect classic rides like a vintage carousel, a log ride, and the spinning tea cups that made us all dizzy as kids. There are no on-site accommodations at Centreville, but Toronto’s downtown offers loads of AirBnBs, hotels, and hostels.

Toronto charter bus rentals to Centreville Amusement Park.
Credit: Kids in TO