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Sprinter van rentals in Chicago provide smaller- to medium-sized groups with a convenient and affordable method of transportation, shuttling up to 15 passengers at a time. Ideal for trips over shorter distances, passenger van rentals are a great way to get around Chicago safely and reliably. Rent a sprinter van rental today in Chicago with our online booking tool or contact our award-winning booking specialists on [email protected].

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Chicago Sprinter Van Rentals FAQs

If you’re looking for more information on sprinter van rentals, including in-depth information on sprinter van rental prices, amenities, and how to rent a sprinter van, we’ve prepared an FAQ section below. If you’re all set to rent a sprinter van, we suggest using our easy-to-use online booking tool.

Why rent a sprinter van in Chicago?

Passenger van rentals ultimately offer a cost-effective and fuel-efficient method of transportation, ensuring your group can stay within budget all-while keeping an eye on its carbon footprint. Sprinter van rentals can be customized to your unique transportation needs along with onboard amenities and technology, including WIFI, and power outlets. Safely transporting up to 15 passengers at a time, compact passenger van rentals eliminate the hassle of group transportation in Chicago.

What are the benefits of renting a sprinter van in Chicago?

There are a number of benefits when booking a passenger van rental for your trip to Chicago. For one, sprinter van rentals are perfectly suited for navigating through busier urban environments given their compact frame, making them ideal for bypassing Chicago’s traffic and congestion. Passenger van rentals can be used for a number of different trip types, offering a versatile charter bus rental option for groups of all sizes. Keep in mind that all sprinter van rentals with come equipped with a fully-vetted and experienced driver with a proven track record of no prior incidents.

What amenities are available on a sprinter van rental in Chicago?

Passenger van rentals feature many of the same amenities as a standard minivan, including comfortable, reclining seats, vehicle-wide air conditioning, a spacious trunk for all your personal belongings, as well as a USB outlet, typically located next to the driver. Certain sprinter van rental configurations can even be outfitted with hi-speed WIFI, ensuring your group’s productivity and connectivity while on the road. Be sure to contact our award-winning booking specialists and customize your sprinter van rental!

How much does a sprinter van rental in Chicago cost?

Passenger van rental prices tend to fluctuate based on a number of factors, including local availability, time of year, the driver’s on-duty time, and desired amenities. Typically, sprinter van rental prices tend to fluctuate between $350 and $700 per day. With Book Now, Pay Later policy, however, you can secure your sprinter van rental at today’s price and only pay later. In fact, you can defer the full payment of your sprinter van rental up until 21 days before your departure date, giving you ample time to secure funding from the rest of the travelling party.

What can I do to ensure I have access to the lowest sprinter van rental prices in Chicago?

Accessing the lowest sprinter van rental prices is as simple as inputting your trip parameters, including departure dates, group size,and desired amenities, into our online booking tool as early as possible. It is typically recommended to book your passenger van rental between six and nine months in advance, especially if your trip falls during peak season. works with over 3,300 trusted, local bus suppliers, connecting you with competitively-priced sprinter van rentals all-year long.  Be sure to get in touch with our award-winning booking specialists to get started!

How do I book a sprinter van rental in Chicago?

Once your travel dates, desired amenities, and group size are clearly defined, it’s time to book your sprinter van rental. The first step to booking a passenger van rental in Chicago is entering all your information into our online booking system. A detailed quote will be generated in less than two minutes and remains valid for up to three days. If at any point it expires, fret not, you can simply request a new passenger van rental quote. Alternatively, you can get in touch with our customer care team and secure your sprinter van rental over the phone. Our booking specialists work around the clock, delivering safe and reliable passenger van rentals – wherever you may be heading.

I have a question that has not been answered here. Is there somebody I can speak to?’s customer service team is here for you to answer any questions about your charter bus rental. Please reach out to us at [email protected].

Chicago Sprinter Van Rental Use Cases

Groups of all sizes turn to convenient sprinter van rentals in Chicago for all their transportation needs, including corporations, conference organizers, sports teams, event planners, and more. Rent a sprinter van and eliminate the hassle of group transportation!


Sprinter van rentals are beloved by corporations and businesses of all sizes in Chicago due to their convenience and affordability. Accommodating between eight and 15 passengers at a time, passenger van rentals can be used for trips over shorter distances, including nearby team-building activities, retreats, trade shows, and conferences.

Sprinter van rentals can be customized with a number of onboard amenities and technology, including vehicle-wide hi-speed WIFI and additional power outlets, ensuring your team’s productivity while on the road. can also help long-term, recurring sprinter van rental shuttle services from convenient pickup locations and worksites.

Shuttle services

Sprinter van rentals are perfectly suited for shuttle services, providing a safe, affordable, and sustainable method of transportation. Whether you need an employee shuttle service to and from remote work locations, or are looking to welcome out-of-town guests at O’Hare International Airport with a convenient airport shuttle service, has you covered.

Given their compact frame, sprinter van rentals can easily navigate Chicago’s infamous traffic and congestion with the minimum of fuss. And better yet, your passengers won’t have to worry about finding parking!


Conference organizers in Chicago regularly count on passenger van rentals for all their transportation needs, shuttling guests between convenient pickup locations and their venues. In fact, conference shuttle services are proven to increase participation and attendance rates.

Sprinter van rentals can be outfitted with a range of optional amenities and onboard technology, ensuring your guests receive the VIP experience on route to your conference. A fully-vetted and experienced driver will be there to greet your team before safely driving them to your conference venue.

Sports teams

Passenger van rentals are also commonly used by smaller- to medium-sized sports teams looking to get around Chicago. Sprinter van rentals are typically recommended for sports teams that don’t need to transport much equipment as there is no dedicated undercarriage storage. As such, keep in mind exactly how your team intends on using the sprinter van rental. Passenger van rentals also make for convenient looping shuttle services between practice facilities and convenient pickups locations.

Event Planners

Sprinter van rentals have emerged as population options for event planners in Chicago, providing both a wallet-friendly and fuel-efficient method of transportation. Whether you need a one-off passenger van rental for a smaller, intimate event, or need a fleet of sprinter van rentals,’s on-demand transportation model has you covered.

All of our passenger van rentals can even be customized to match the theme of your event for added style. Be sure to contact our award-winning booking specialists and customize your sprinter van rental as you wish!


Professional wedding planners regularly turn to and sprinter van rentals, planning events of all sizes while respecting the budget. Passenger van rentals can also be used to transport bridesmaids and groomsmen to and from the ceremony and the reception within one compact charter bus rental.

Sprinter van rentals ultimately help keep the party going on the road, while our fully-vetted and experienced driver navigates Chicago’s traffic and congestion so you don’t have to. Contact our award-winning booking specialists with any special requests you might have.


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Employee Shuttle Services

Sprinter van rentals can also be used for employee shuttle services, be it to and from the workplace, construction site, and more. Learn how you can rent a sprinter van for your employee shuttle service.

Construction Projects

Passenger van rentals are often used to shuttle construction workers to and from remote job-sites, ensuring there are no delays when it matters most. Simply set up a convenient pickup location and tell your staff to sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. Sprinter van rentals feature a spacious trunk, ideal for storing personal belongings and any tools your team might need.

Military Personnel has a wealth of experience at coordinating reliable transportation for military groups of all sizes in Chicago. All of our passenger van rentals are DoD-approved and GSA-compliant, ensuring your military personnel reach their destination safely and on time. Sprinter van rentals can be outfitted with additional onboard technology, including GPS tracking and hi-speed WIFI, helping your team remain connected while on the road.

Government groups

Federal, municipal, and state government officials in Chicago count on to get around the Windy City safely, affordably, and seamlessly. Passenger van rentals offer government groups of all sizes with a cost-effective charter bus rental, keeping costs as streamlined as possible. With by your side, you can also coordinate recurring shuttle services, increasing access to remote locations in and around Chicago.

Non-profit organizations

When non-profit organizations are in need of affordable and sustainable transportation, they look no further than our convenient sprinter van rentals. Ideal for smaller- to medium-sized non-profit organizations, passenger van rentals are a great way to reduce your organization’s carbon footprint, all-while remaining within budget. Whether you are hosting an event, or need a safe and reliable ride to a neighboring city, sprinter van rentals have you covered.

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More Sprinter Van Rental Uses

Sprinter van rentals embody versatility on the road, catering to a number of additional trip types, including K-12 Field Trips, Festivals, city-wide tours, and much more. Rent a sprinter van today to get started!

Student groups

Student groups count on passenger van rentals for all their transportation needs, ensuring they can easily get from point A to point B with the minimum of fuss. Comfortably seating between eight and 15 passengers at a time, sprinter van rentals are particularly ideal for smaller student groups looking to explore Chicago.

Whether you are embarking on a campus tour, or visiting for a nearby case competition, a passenger van rental remains one of the most convenient and cost-effective methods of transportation.

K-12 fields trips

Field trip organizers in Chicago typically book sprinter van rentals for smaller class outings, accommodating up to 15 students, teachers, and chaperones at a time. Passenger van rentals ultimately give you the ability to get an accurate headcount in less than a minute, offering a safe and reliable ride.

Additional amenities, including hi-speed WIFI and power outlets, can be equipped on your sprinter van rental, transforming your charter bus rental into a brainstorm-on-wheels. Be sure to get in touch with our award-winning booking specialists to customize your passenger van rental!


Chicago welcomes music lovers from all over the world all-year round. Whether it’s for Lollapalooza Chicago or the Chicago Jazz Festival, there is no shortage of festivals in the Windy City. Sprinter van rentals are ultimately a great way to shuttle festival-goers to and from event venues safely and reliably. Simply set up convenient pickup locations and drop-off points and enjoy the ride! A fully-vetted and experienced driver will navigate Chicago’s infamous traffic and congestion so you don’t have to.

Tour groups

Passenger van rentals can also be used for city-wide tours given their compact frame and fuel-efficiency. Sprinter van rentals have been carefully designed to navigate tighter, urban environments with ease, ensuring your guests enjoy a seamless Chicago tour. Perfect for multi-destination trips, passenger van rentals embody reliability and versatility on the road. can also coordinate looping shuttle services, ensuring your tour runs smoothly all-day long.

Touring bands

Musicians from all over North America make their way to Chicago in hopes of launching their musical careers. After all, the Windy City has birthed some of the nation’s biggests artists and most important musical genres. Sprinter van rentals ultimately ensure touring musicians can make their way around Chicago safely, reliably, and without necessarily breaking the bank. Whether you are doing a musical tour, or simply need a reliable ride home for your band after performing, look no further than our passenger van rentals.

Spiritual and church groups

Sprinter van rentals represent the most convenient option for spiritual and church groups in Chicago, and can be used to simultaneously transport entire congregations to and from mass and events. All our passenger van rentals can be customized to accommodate mobility-restricted worshippers, guaranteeing their comfort while on the road. Our team of award-winning booking specialists works around the clock, before, after, and during your trip.


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Sprinter van

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Compact efficiency.
12-15 seats

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