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With three major sports teams, including the 2018-19 NBA champion and a certain celebrity superfan, Toronto is Canada’s sports hub. Home to the Great White North’s largest and most diverse population, as well as a bustling downtown core and booming financial district, it rivals many of America’s biggest metropolises. Take your team to a tournament in The 6ix via charter bus — it’s the best mode of transportation for traveling sports teams and the safest way to get around the big city.

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Organizing a sports tournament for your team is no easy task. Between game scheduling, fundraising, and accommodations, you’ll have your hands full.


Check one item off your list, and simplify your group transportation with We provide your team with safe and reliable bus rentals, and organizers with 24/7 service in case you need us during your Toronto trip. With that out of the way, now you can get back to game planning!

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Team bus rentals for little league and youth sports teams.

Youth Sports Bus Rentals in Toronto

We’ve already told you that Toronto is a huge, highly populated city with lots of car and foot traffic. As such, for coaches planning tournaments in Toronto,  safety should always be top of mind when traveling with a youth sports team. When minors are involved, there are a number of items to keep in mind: Establish a headcount, fill out the necessary documents, and keep everyone together under supervision at all times.


Whether it’s to ferry team members from the Toronto Pearson International Airport to nearby hotels or to the tournament venue itself, the best way to keep everyone together is to travel together by renting a charter bus for the whole team.  A charter bus rental not only keeps every player traveling together under the watchful eye of the chaperones, it also ensures a safe ride from someone who knows the directions, and provides certain amenities — air conditioning, comfortable seating, bathrooms, WiFi — that might prove useful for the kids.


Basket ball team bus rentals for tournaments and away games

Basketball Team Bus Rentals in Toronto

Toronto basketball is having a moment: In 2018, the NBA’s Raptors made the biggest trade in their history, and it resulted in the franchise’s first championship in June of 2019. Amid Raptor-mania — We The North! — basketball has never been more popular in Canada and its biggest city. You can be sure that energy within the game has reverberated all the way down to the youth level.


Chartering a bus for your ball team removes many of the pain points associated with group travel. Set a meeting point and departure time when your players can meet, and you’ll all make the drive to the away tournament together. Once in Toronto, players travel to and from each game together with their equipment in tow. Since basketball rosters are small but its players are large, we like to recommend the mini coach bus for teams. This half-size bus has full-size comfort with fewer seats, but more space to stretch out than a school bus.

Hockey team bus rentals for tournaments and away games.

Hockey Team Bus Rentals in Toronto

Just like the rest of the country, hockey is the game of choice in Toronto. Their iconic National Hockey League team, the Maple Leafs, are more than a team — they’re an institution. (Just don’t remind the locals that the Leafs haven’t won a Stanley Cup since 1967!)


The Greater Toronto Area produces more pro hockey players than any other region in the world, and that’s evidenced by a competitive minor hockey landscape. To navigate Canada’s biggest city, and the sprawling GTA (which covers roughly an hour and a half of highway driving from east to west) it makes sense to charter a bus with a professional driver.


Renting a coach bus offers plenty of perks for hockey teams, starting with its convenient undercarriage storage. When you can store all your equipment bags underneath the bus, you save space, keep everyone’s gear in one place, and avoid having to deal with that classic hockey smell that we all know and love.

Football team charter bus rentals for tournaments and away games.

Football Team Bus Rentals in Toronto

From Mississauga to Markham, North York to Newmarket, the Greater Toronto Area is loaded with youth and school football. With upwards of 40 kids and seven coaches on a football roster, plus parents, trainers, friends, family, and fans, that’s a lot of people heading to one place for the big away game. And a lot of cars. Take some vehicles off the road, lighten your gas bill, and reduce traffic by putting your team in a charter bus to travel together.


Along with the environmental and financial advantages, a charter bus keeps the whole team together. Plus, if you have parents and fans following the team, you can arrange a second bus for those cheering you on. As a coach or manager, you’ll have to account for not only the players, but also all the equipment you’ll be traveling with. To plan a seamless away game trip, make sure to also plan for accommodations, pit stops along the way, and fun road trip games and playlists!

Soccer team charter bus rentals for away games and tournaments.

Soccer Team Bus Rentals in Toronto

Heading to TO for your next soccer tournament? Good choice. Toronto is an American-style city with Canadian charm that takes its sports seriously, so you can count on a well-organized tourney and competitive teams.


Its population is also States-like, which means big league traffic. It’s nearly impossible to get around the city’s legendary Highway 401 congestion, but you can take the stress away by trusting an expert driver with a charter bus rental.


One of the best things about renting a team bus — and something you don’t always see coming — is the fun your team winds up having on the team road trip. The team bus is a place where bonds are formed, stories are created, and memories are made. If your team was tight-knit before traveling together, they’ll only get tighter during this tournament — and that tends to have positive implications on how they perform on the field.


Teams that travel well play well. So book a charter bus for your soccer team and watch them flourish at the Toronto tournament!

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