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Toronto is one of Canada’s top locations for corporate events, conferences, trade shows, and conventions, and it’s easy to see why. Toronto embraces innovation, scientific progress, and sustainability. After all, it has a modern business infrastructure, an accessible expert network, and an unbeatable selection quintessential Toronto destinations including both green-minded venues and stunning natural backdrops.

After hours, Toronto offers a diverse cultural life, advanced entertainment options, and catering for every taste. Toronto has welcomed and absorbed the best of every world’s tradition: perfect for event managers who want to blend both globalization and exotic vibes in their event concepts. Not a small advantage, the US dollar allows for more here due to the exchange difference.

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Why provides event managers with an accessible, convenient, and budget-friendly bus charter for their attendees.

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Managing a few vehicles while transporting large groups of guests and staff is simpler than trying to coordinate a crowd of individual arrivals. Attendees and staff are less likely to be delayed, frustrated, or tired.

Options for your group's unique algorithm and vast network of vetted bus partners offers a variety of bus options while continually monitoring and suggesting best values for every location and time frame.

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An innovative, single-dashboard planning tool makes the event transportation planning process smooth and efficient. Plus, if our online system isn't doing the trick, we have a team of humans standing by 24/7.

Which bus is right for my team?

The choice of a specific type of charter bus depends on the size of the group, the event concept, and the distance of the expected trip. Look here for a quick guide on how to choose a bus rental.

School bus

A classic school bus is a budget-friendly, efficient vehicle that has every essential needed for a trip within 2.5 hours. Traditionally, school buses have higher visibility and advanced parking rights.

Coach bus

A coach bus is the best choice for extended trips and for the business event guests who wish to work during the drive. Extra comfort features such as ample storage space, reclining seats, WiFi, power outlets, screens, and air conditioning make it a comfort flagman of every fleet.

Minibus and mini coach

If the guests are expected to travel in groups smaller than 31 people, compact versions of larger buses may be the best choice. Compared to their larger counterparts, minibuses and mini coaches have a similar set of features but fill up faster and take less parking space.

What is sustainable event planning?

Sustainable, or “green” event management is event project management that achieves the event goals without compromising sustainability principles. Sustainable event stakeholders adhere to sustainability principles and choose renewable energy, socially responsible vendors, and local suppliers whenever possible.

Toronto is a hub of sustainability-committed events. It is easy to find a “green” venue and responsible catering even for a large scale event. The main challenge for sustainable event planning in Toronto is transportation: it is both essential for the success of an event and has a significant environmental impact.

Transporting the event guests by a charter bus is the most sustainable option after asking them to walk and cycle. Even though buses are large vehicles emitting more CO2 than small cars, bus charters cut the event’s carbon footprint at least in half because they allow the transportation of large groups at once.

Major events in Toronto

There are many memory-making events to look forward to in the city of Toronto. Toronto is committed to becoming the world's hub for business events, so it works with event organizers to make sure they get suitable dates and permits quickly.

Toronto Carribbean Carnival

The Toronto Caribbean Carnival, or Caribana Toronto, is a cultural event embracing the Caribbean traditions, heritage, and every aspect of Caribbean culture, identity, and pride. For almost 50 years, Caribbean music, cuisine, performing arts transform the streets of Toronto in a burst of colorful festivities. The festival and its format were brought to Canada by immigrants from the Caribbean, so it mixes the traditions of Carnival, street dancing, band parade, and masquerading. The peak event of the Toronto Caribbean Carnival is the Grand Parade. Marching masquerading troupes (“Mas players”) dance along the streets competing for the most elaborate costumes and performance to Caribbean tunes.


NXNE or North By Northeast Festival Toronto’s summer favorite. During its ten days, it celebrates every form of innovation in performance arts and gaming, bringing hundreds and thousands of artists into the city. Digital and interactive arts innovators, established professionals, emerging experimental artists all share the urban scenes. NXNE Festival Village hosts comedy, arts, and foods, and NXNE Game Land presents mixed gaming experiences.

Pride Toronto

Pride Toronto is one of the largest Pride celebrations, with over a million people in attendance. The festival stands out by its unique Family Pride and Trans Pride programs. Pride Toronto delivers to everyone who seeks to live passionately, both to those who prefer to listen to music and to show off their dancing skills and bold looks. The Freedom Party launches the Pride Month, accompanied by art exhibitions, street food, and performances across the city. Main Toronto Pride Weekend is marked by three major parades and marches celebrating every form of diversity and healthy self-expression.


TIFF  (Toronto International Film Festival) is known as the most significant public film festival in the English-speaking world. For over four decades, it returns to Toronto each September presenting mainstream premiers, controversial films, galas, and industry parties.

Hot Docs International Documentary Film Festival

Hot Docs International Documentary Film Festival is America’s biggest documentary festival, conference, and industry networking event presenting over 150 original documentaries to the audience of 200,000 guests every year. Hot Docs offers master classes, lectures, round tables, and specialty shops for documentary professionals and students.

Luminato Festival

The Luminato Festival is a significant event for the lovers of modern and experimental art. It takes over the public spaces of Toronto in June. The festival turns theaters, parks, and striking backdrops into the canvas for artists to transform in most unexpected and creative ways. The Luminato Festival is dedicated to the free and inspiring expression of Toronto’s unique cohesion of cultures and its innovation-seeking energy.

Nuit Blanche Toronto

Another art festival is Nuit Blanche Toronto. This outdoor art event is filling the streets of Toronto with installations, live performances, and provocative shows for the night.

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