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The Government of Toronto is a public corporation responsible for the legal order and the functioning of all essential services in Toronto. It is employing over 35,000 civil servants directly, and thousands more – through affiliated agencies like Toronto Police Service and Toronto Transit Commission.

The government employees and civil servants have to remain in touch with the pulse of the city and its ever-evolving ecosystem. This duty often brings them out of the office and into the districts and communities they serve. When traveling by group, many of the government employees in Toronto use safe, sustainable, and budget-friendly Toronto charter buses and employee shuttle services from Bus.com.

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Which bus type is right for my group?

Bus.com’s fleet has buses for every purpose. The vehicles vary in size from 12 to 55 seats. It is easy to rent several buses at once, too. The optimal choice depends on the number of passengers, the team’s plans for the trip, and the distance to travel.


Coach rental
Comfort and storage
55 seats

Mini coach bus

Mini coach bus rental
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21 seats

School bus

School bus rental
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Sprinter van

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Why use a bus rental for government workers?

With a bus rental in Toronto, the group gets access to professional routing and navigation. They do not need to worry about heavy traffic, detours, roadblocks, tolls, or lack of parking space: the driver will take care of everything.

Buses are cost-efficient vehicles for group travel, especially compared to hiring several cars or asking the employees to use their own. Even if the group is relatively small, car allowance, parking costs, and incidentals for individual cars build up fast.

Buses are more ecologically sustainable and generate less traffic than a queue of private cars. A coach bus provides its passengers with comfort and luxury without compromising the socially responsible image of the government employees.

Types of government in Toronto

Canada utilizes three orders of Government: federal, provincial, and local. Every level has its own legislative, executive, and judicial branches. Canada's system is a federal constitutional monarchy as established by the Constitution Act, 1867, with the Queen-in-Council representing the head executive power. The Government of Canada - Her Majesty's Government - is in charge of the nation-wide federal administration of Canada.

Government of Ontario

The province of Ontario is under the administration of the Government of Ontario (officially Her Majesty’s Government of Ontario). The legislative branch is represented by the Legislative Assembly of Ontario, which operates in the Westminster system of Government; currently, the Assembly has 124 seats. The legislators are most commonly referred to as MPPs (Members of the Provincial Parliament) or MLAs (Members of the Legislative Assembly). The Court of Appeal for Ontario represents the province-level judicial branch.


The executive power of the Queen is carried out by the Viceregal representative Lieutenant Governor of Ontario. The provincial Government consists of the Executive Council of Ontario (also known just as “the Cabinet) and the non-political civil services in the form of multiple departments and agencies. Ontario’s head of Government is the Premier of Ontario, appointed by the Lieutenant Governor. The Ontario Public Service is the civil service responsible for delivering on government policies and programs.

City of Toronto

Toronto, Ontario, is governed by the Public Corporation of the City of Toronto. Its operations are carried out according to the Charter of the City of Toronto. The Toronto City Council is the legislative branch: the only power allowed to enact Toronto’s by-laws. It consists of 25 members, including the Mayor. The Council is also responsible for forming several committees such as the Board of Health and Community Councils, for deciding on narrower service clusters and district matters.


The Mayor is responsible for organizing City Council meetings and guiding the City Manager. In general, the Mayor and the Council decide on the services provided to the residents and develop policies and programs, and the public service implements them. General administration and day-to-day operations of the Government are overviewed and carried out by the City Manager: a non-political civil servant and the administrative head of the City of Toronto.

Other agencies

There are dozens of agencies, departments, and public services that report to the City Manager’s office for administrative purposes. Some of them are Toronto Water, Engineering & Construction Services Division, Transportation Services Division, Children’s Services Division, Economic Development and Culture Division, Emergency Services Division, City Planning, Employment & Social Services, Human Rights Office, Toronto Environment Office, and so on.