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New York City construction bus rentals

The easiest way to get construction crew from site to site

New York City construction industry spending is scheduled to hit almost $190 billion by the end of 2021, employing nearly 160,000 construction workers across the five boroughs. The efficient transportation of these workers can present problems, but a charter bus rental or shuttle bus service from is a reliable, timely, and cost-effective solution.

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New York City construction industry spending is scheduled to hit almost $190 billion by the end of 2021, employing nearly 160,000 construction workers across the five boroughs. The efficient transportation of these workers can present problems, but a charter bus rental or shuttle bus service from is a reliable, timely, and cost-effective solution.
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Bus types

New York City construction sites are extremely varied, and a bus that performs well at one site may not be ideal for another. At, we have several versatile bus types to conform to your project’s needs, so whether you need a high-capacity coach with undercarriage cargo space or an efficient and functional shuttle for a small team, we‘ll find the perfect bus for your project.
Coach bus
Coach buses are our largest and most comfortable bus types, seating up to 55 passengers. Coach buses feature our widest range of amenities, including a standard onboard restroom, optional TV/DVD support, air conditioning, power outlets, and WiFi. Coach buses also come standard with generous undercarriage storage, which can be used to store your team’s tools and equipment.
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School bus
When in need of a cost-effective and efficient bus type, a school bus is an ideal choice. School buses can accommodate up to 47 passengers, and while they don’t include the optional amenities found on coach buses, they are focused on functionality and affordability first and foremost.
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Mini bus
Minibuses can accommodate up to 21 passengers. The minibus is more fuel-efficient and nimble than its larger counterparts and is able to deftly maneuver through and park in spaces that would be too restrictive for other bus types.
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Construction bus rentals

A charter bus rental or construction site employee shuttle service from provides dependable and affordable transportation, ensuring your workforce can be concentrated exactly where and when they’re needed. Charter bus rentals and construction site shuttles are flexible, offering door-to-door pickups or larger rally point systems that can both move workers all at once or supply complicated job sites with multiple daily shift changes. offers flexible daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly contracts to supply municipal, county, state, and federal levels of government with efficient transportation to maximize workforces and help ensure projects finish on time. From small-scale municipal jobs to massive state-wide infrastructure projects, no construction site is too large or too small. Our 24/7 customer care team will work with our NYC area charter bus company partners to find the right vehicles, with all the needed amenities, at the best possible price options for your projects

Types of construction sites in New York City


New York City has enjoyed nearly a decade long boom in the construction industry in general and the commercial industry specifically, fueled by ambitious and far-reaching mixed-use area redevelopments. Recently, a number of long-running redevelopment projects like Hudson Yards are nearing completion and are already drawing new commercial office space and retail construction projects in the surrounding areas.  At the same time, newer redevelopments are taking shape, such as the planned Bronx Point development which is slated to include permanently affordable housing along with numerous commercial projects including mixed retail and office space, a new museum devoted to the history of hip hop and a state-of-the-art multiplex theater, along with many other smaller projects.


In June of 2019, four out of every ten homes listed for sale or rent were within two blocks of a residential construction site, and while the pace of construction has slowed somewhat, the market remains extremely robust. Some of the most active areas include Northern Brooklyn and western Queens, where rezoning changes established before the 2007 recession greatly increased the scale of possible residential development projects.


In 2019, Brooklyn listed more than 13,200 new apartments in 421 buildings while Manhattan and Queens each listed more than 6,300 in each borough, with almost 80 new buildings in Manhattan and 154 buildings in Queens. Most of this residential construction activity has been concentrated in luxury condo towers. However, newer projects such as the Bronx Point along the Harlem River are slated to include a higher proportion of permanently affordable housing, with 1,045 new units planned for the Bronx Point project alone.


Many of NYC’s upcoming Industrial construction projects are within the infrastructure and transportation sphere, but also include several large-scale sports and entertainment venues.


The Ronald O. Perelman Performing Arts Center is currently under construction at the northeast corner of the World Trade Center complex and is set to finish in 2022. Additionally, a 25,000-seat soccer stadium is being planned for the Willets Point redevelopment sector in Queens.
The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) has begun work towards updating its aging subway signals system on six sections of the subway system, including the Lexington Avenue Nos. 4, 5, and 6 lines. Work also continues on the MTA’s East Side Access project that will link the Long Island Rail Road in Queens to Grand Central Station in Manhattan.


The John F. Kennedy International Airport has begun phase one of its planned reconstruction that will ultimately feature two new terminals, and LaGuardia Airport is working towards a proposed 1.5-mile-long elevated rail line. This proposed line will link the airport with the New York Subway and the Long Island Rail Road in Willets Point.