New York military charters

Safe and easy charter bus rentals for military personnel

New York is a vast metropolis, and its military personnel is prepared and ready to assist in regional operations. is honored to support the New York enlistees, active duty, guard, and reserve personnel in every transportation need — be it regular missions, preparedness classes, or containment effort.

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Bus types

Defense Transportation Regulations recommend bus charter for personnel transportation, stating: “because of the passenger count and baggage requirements of group movements, bus transportation,  is often the most economical and efficient method of moving  personnel.” From NYC airport transportation to group shuttle services, offers a wide variety of services well-tailored to Department of Defense operations.

School bus

A school bus is a practical, lean, cost-efficient vehicle that can carry up to 47 passengers. School bus military charter is perfect for the personnel transportation between a New York military base or college and the destination within the state. It is an excellent option for transporting recruits or shuttle between the base and the field training.

Coach bus

If the destination is located further than 2.5 hours drive or if the group carries equipment, a coach bus is an excellent choice. It carries up to 55 members of the Uniformed Services of the United States or cadets, has a dedicated area for the luggage and equipment, A/C, power outlets, and on-board restroom. Coach bus works well for gathering reservists from multiple locations to attend regular training at any New York military base or carry officers to an important meeting. This feature-rich vehicle can even serve as a mobile “operation base” when assisting civilians.

Mini bus

Mini coach bus and minibus are similar to the full-size coach bus and classic school bus but carry fewer passengers, so they are the most prudent choice for smaller groups. Use minibus charter as a regular commute service across a large military base or between the entrance and remote buildings or carry officers to the inspection site.

DoD compliance

Department of Defence (DoD) is a set of requirements and standards that apply to all Uniformed, Government & Military travel services and vehicles. Its purpose is to ensure the safe, secure, and private transportation of the personnel.



The main document outlining DoD guidelines is the Military Bus Agreement, also known as the MBA Standards of Service. The document also details inspection procedures carried out by Transportation Coordinators and Officers. All DoD-approved commercial bus charters are kept on file at the Defense Travel Management Office (DTMO). Our Bus Partners maintain the MBA agreement for vehicles, drivers, and management to transport DoD personnel. is trusted by companies big and small

Local military bases

New York National Guard troops, together with the New York State Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services, are great assets to the New York area. They provide preparedness classes and emergency assistance to the population, especially in the New Rochelle containment area.

New York has five military bases: the US Military Academy (West Point), Saratoga Springs NSU, Fort Drum, Watervliet Arsenal, and Fort Hamilton.

West Point USMA

West Point USMA (US Military Academy) is a prestigious military school that trained many outstanding Army Officers, two presidents, and 74 Medal of Honor recipients. The USMA is located in the southeastern part of New York, less than 50 miles away from New York City. Each year, 1300 cadets join the academy, with approximately 1000 graduating in 4 years at the rank of second lieutenants. All cadets follow the honor code and are taught in the spirit of camaraderie. The USMA can use military bus charters to transport the cadets when they support the Army activities.

Fort Drum

Fort Drum is a United States Military Reserve in Jefferson County, New York, just 30 miles from the Canada border. The installation is home to the 10th Mountain Division’s soldiers and their families, being the training grounds for 80,000 active and reserve troops yearly. It is one of the most active branches supplying personnel to the war on terror. Fort Drum has a rich history dating back to 1908, and the Division is dedicated to preserving it in the Fort’s Museum. The duties of the officers living here mainly consist of commanding appointed active units and providing organization and logistical support to tenants, including military bus charter for the ongoing exchange of Armed Forces in training.

Fort Hamilton

Fort Hamilton, in Brooklyn, New York, is one of a few important bases located in cities. This old US Army garrison was the first US National Guard training camp in the United States. Its mission is to protect the metropolitan area, providing security to New York City via combined forces of the National Guard and Army Reserve. The community of the installation includes all significant branches of the US Armed Forces, with approximately 300 members of military personnel serving simultaneously. Fort Hamilton also hosts the US Army Corps of Engineers headquarters, Military Entrance Processing Station, the 1179th Deployment Support Brigade, and the 77th Regional Readiness Command.

Watervliet Arsenal Army Base

Watervliet Arsenal Army Base in Watervliet, New York, is an arsenal managed by the US Army in New York on the bank of Hudson River, less than 8 miles away from Albany. This arsenal has been continuously active for over two centuries and is the oldest building of this kind preserved as the National Historic Landmark. Despite the age, it is still fully functional and is charged with producing military products and equipment. Among the buildings that stand on the 150 acres of its land, the most important one is the museum of weaponry evolution. The museum welcomes visitors from the general public.

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