NYC Sports Team Bus Rentals

A charter bus is the safest and most efficient way to travel for any sports team. For that next away game, out-of-town tournament, or even the big home game in New York City, trust to set you up with the right vehicle. To easily reserve your charter bus, use our online booking tool, or trust our award-winning booking specialists to find the best bus rental for your team.

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The booking process is quick and easy and our 24/7 support team is always available to answer your questions along the way. Our versatile fleet includes the right bus rental for your team’s needs, whether it’s the comfort and style of the coach bus or the cost-effectiveness and simplicity of the school bus.


For coaches and team managers,’s booking specialists can be your eyes and ears when it comes to team transportation for your upcoming NYC sporting event, providing you with the best price and value to suit your needs. Plus, our experts can help you with all the tips and tricks, from choosing the right hotel for your team to organizing a quick and easy NYC airport shuttle.

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Team bus rentals for little league and youth sports teams.

Youth Sports Bus Rentals in NYC

As the team manager or coach, you and your staff are responsible for the safety of the kids on your team throughout the time you are travelling with them. Managing youth transportation requires lots of advance planning and diligence during the trip — especially in a busy city like New York.


One of the most important things to do is create a list of people travelling with the team (you can use your team roster) and refer back to that regularly throughout. Take headcount each time the team boards and debarks the charter bus, and consider setting up a buddy system so the players can learn to be accountable for one another.


Along with being safe, minor sports have to be fun. Organize some road trip games that everyone can play on the bus — it’s not only fun and a good way to pass the time, it can serve as a good team-building exercise.


A few other things to think about to ensure the happiness of your young players: Include planned pit stops on your itinerary, book a bus with an on-board bathroom, and build some pump-up playlists to play over the bus’ sound system.

Basket ball team bus rentals for tournaments and away games

Basketball Team Bus Rentals in NYC

You’re a basketball coach, not a bus rental expert. The good news is that we are bus rental experts, so while you stick to coaching, we’ll help you find the best bus for your team and do our best to prepare you for the whole transportation element of your away tournament in New York.


Start by reading our basketball coach’s checklist to get a feel for the amount of equipment you’ll need to bring with you. And print out our list and use it while you load the bus to ensure no gear is left behind.

As far as a bus rental goes, we typically suggest one of two options for basketball teams: The minibus and the mini coach bus. After all, because of the size of a basketball team roster, you probably won’t need a full size bus. The minibus is the least pricey option, is more suited to short trips, and is great if you don’t require any extra bells or whistles. If you do want the extra frills, opt for the mini coach bus. It has air conditioning and on-board WiFi, plus undercarriage storage in case your equipment list grows long.

Hockey team bus rentals for tournaments and away games.

Hockey Team Bus Rentals in NYC

The Tri-state area is a hub for hockey in the northeastern United States, and New York City is no exception. If your team hails from that region, chances are you’ll be heading to the Big Apple at some point for a tournament. Since driving in and around Manhattan isn’t exactly what we’d consider fun, we suggest you leave the navigation up to the experts and charter a bus for your group.


There are many advantages to a team bus. For starters, all players and coaches get to ride together which not only ensures everyone shows up to games at the same time, it promotes team bonding and creates lifelong memories.


Also, anyone who’s played hockey (or been a parent of a hockey player) knows that lugging equipment around is as much a part of the game as icing and offside. Well, with the undercarriage storage of a coach bus, the hockey bag headache is all taken care of.

Football team charter bus rentals for tournaments and away games.

Football Team Bus Rentals in NYC

Football requires more game planning than any other sport, and that’s true too when it comes to managing your team’s transportation and travel logistics. Due to the sheer size of football rosters, getting everyone to a road game at the same time can be a nightmare — especially when that road game is far away. That’s why a team bus is a no-brainer for your squad’s next football game in the New York area.


Carrying all players and coaches in one (or two) vehicles makes everything easier, from the simple challenge of keeping team headcount to transporting team equipment. Take advantage of having all your players traveling together by reviewing the game plan or delivering your pregame speech on the bus — that way you can save time and get right to warm up once you arrive at the field and get off the bus.

Soccer team charter bus rentals for away games and tournaments.

Soccer Team Bus Rentals in NYC

Whether you’re a little league or beer league soccer team, if you’re playing in a New York tournament, you not only want to avoid the stress of navigating infamous Manhattan traffic (honk honk!), you also want to travel as a team and have a few worry-free beers after the game. The solution is a team charter bus rental.


A question: How soon should I rent that bus? We can answer that with another question: Do you have your schedule? If yes, then now. As soon as you know when and where that tournament is happening, you can start to build your itinerary and get a quote from one of our booking specialists. Don’t be held back waiting to collect team fees; our Book Now, Pay Later option lets you reserve your bus now and defer payment until up to 21 days before leaving.


If you have little or no equipment to bring with you, then a school bus is a great no-frills option for your team. Otherwise, consult all our bus types and choose one with undercarriage storage or any of the other amenities they come with.

Popular sports team bus rentals


Coach rental
Comfort and storage
55 seats

School bus

School bus rental
An affordable classic
47 seats

Mini coach bus

Mini coach bus rental
Comfort for small groups
32 seats