Charter a bus to Biodome

Charter a bus rental to the Biodome

Located in the east end of the bustling city of Montreal, the Biodome is one of the few destinations in the world that houses four different ecosystems under a single roof. You can experience the diversity of American ecosystems for yourself with a single charter bus to the Montreal Biodome.

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Why charter a bus for the Biodome

Bus rental is essential when visiting the Montreal Biodome. Given its location within the city, parking for multiple vehicles can be inconvenient, especially when in groups of 30 or more people. A charter bus will allow for stress-free traveling in larger groups, as guests can stay together, truly making the entire experience a group activity.    With over 800,000 guests visiting the Biodome every year, renting a bus will prevent the added stress of trying to keep the group together in a busy place. With’s bus rental options, you can easily host a group of 32 to 55 people at the Biodome. Our mini coach bus, school bus, and coach bus rentals will ensure affordability, comfort, and convenience for any large group.

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About the Surrounding Area

About the Surrounding Area

Located in the east end of Montreal, the Biodome is just one of the education-based attractions of Space For Life, an initiative that focuses on educating the public and protecting the biodiversity of the Americas. If you’re in the mood to learn even more about our natural world, you can also visit the Montreal Botanical Garden, the Montreal Insectarium, and the Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium. The Olympic Stadium and park are also within walking distance from the Biodome. Since 1976, the Olympic Stadium has become an international symbol for Montreal. Experience its unique architecture, and the myriad of events hosted at the venue. Depending on the...

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About the Biodome

The Montreal Biodome officially opened its doors in June of 1998 with a mission to educate, research, conserve, and protect the natural diversity of the Americas. The Biodome, meaning the “house of life,” lives up to its namesake, featuring flora and fauna from five different ecosystems of the Americas. Guests are invited to walk through the following ecosystems: The Tropical Rainforest, the Laurentian Maple Forests, the Gulf of St Lawrence, and Subpolar regions of America (specifically the Labrador Coast and Sub-Antarctic Islands).   Each unique biome immerses their visitors by inviting them to take a walk through where guests can get an up close and personal experience marvelling at the diversity of each ecosystem. The Tropical Rainforest features sky-high mangrove trees where macaws take shelter, enclosures with capybaras, a bat cave, and so much more. The Laurentian Maple Forests gives guests a unique view of North American animals (such as the Lynx, the Raccoon, and the Porcupine) in their natural habitat. The Subpolar regions will be a chilly treat where they can experience first hand the atmosphere in which penguins and auks live in.

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