San Francisco construction bus rentals makes it easier to transport construction workers between sites

There are so many moving parts involved in managing a construction project — but what about your literal moving parts: your employees and equipment? Organizing an employee shuttle service might be the last thing on your list, but it’s no afterthought for us. Trust the team to help you get the job done when it comes to getting your jobs done.

Why Choose for Your Business?
Safety measures for all trips
Scale your transport
With a fleet of over 40,000 vehicles at your disposal, be assured of cost-efficiency and flexibility.
Making a change? No problem
Add tracking, route-planning, and payment features to your bus rentals.
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24/7 Reliable
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Whether it's the weekend or late nights, our team is always there to support your business and customers.


The fleet is built to suit budgets of all sizes.

Vehicle options

Charter buses come in several shapes and sizes to move groups of 15-55 people.

Fully-vetted service

24/7 customer support

If issues arise, our 24/7 customer care team has your back.

Bus types

From coach buses to sprinter vans, charter buses are one of the safest and most sustainable ways to transport your teams.   Take stock of your group’s needs, spending limit, and trip type, and let us explain which charter bus type might suit your San Francisco team.

Coach bus

Your employees will do a double take when they see this sweet ride. Coach bus travel is riding in style thanks to amenities like plush seats with plenty of legroom, Wifi, and air conditioning. But it’s also convenient: Undercarriage storage for your equipment and on-board bathrooms are sure to get your staff talking.

School bus

Construction workers are tough, and if they prefer a vehicle that’s more function than flair, the school bus leaves the frills at home and simply gets to work. For a simple, short-distance shuttle from one job site to the other, go with the classic yellow bus that’ll bring out the nostalgia with each and every ride.

Mini Bus

For smaller companies or construction teams looking for a bus rental that doesn’t require a team of 40-plus, check out the compact and cost-effective minibus, a smaller scale version of the school bus. It’s versatile, convenient, and built for getting in, getting out, and getting the job done.

About San Francisco charter bus rentals

There are many reasons to book a charter bus for your San Francisco construction company or team, and they all come down to safety, reliability, and affordability. When you have an important job ahead that requires a large workforce — and we can safely assume they don’t all live next door to the job site — it often makes sense to set up a bus to get all your workers there together. You can have everyone meet at your yard or office at a set time and have the bus leave from there every day. Not only do you save on gas expenses, you eliminate the stress of accounting for each employee’s daily commute.

Types of construction sites in San Francisco


For some of your business’ biggest and most lucrative projects, you’ll have to pull out all the stops to mobilize your workforce and be a reliable partner for your client. Your next office or retail space build is going to come with pressure from your client company’s executives to get the work done fast, and that means being diligent about how you get your workforce to the job site every day. Don’t leave anything to chance: Trust a charter bus with daily pickups at a predetermined time and place. The routine will set in, affording your employees one less thing to worry about and allowing them to do their best work each and every day.


A charter bus rental might be a make or break as you roadmap the work for your big industrial contract. These jobs require a high-level understanding of the project’s needs, and therefore you’re going to want to put your best workers on the task. You’re also going to want to make their lives as easy as possible, and you can turn to transportation as one way to do that. Especially if the industrial construction site is far or hard to get to, a bus will provide your employees an easy solution, not to mention a chance to rest or chat on the commute.


Family dwellings or houses are typically smaller projects, but they can still arise transportation issues for your team. Suppose this particular residential construction project takes place outside of your typical neighborhood or work zone, or you employ workers that don’t drive and this job site isn’t easily accessible, or you’d rather send just one vehicle to keep from putting a handful of trucks on the road. Your answer to all these problems might be the charter bus rental. It’s an easy, safe, and reliable way to get to the job site and it takes the burden off your employees. Certain buses even include undercarriage storage so that your equipment can be towed safely.