San Francisco military charters

Safe, secure, and cost-effective bus transportation for military members.

The San Francisco Bay area was once a hub of military activity with 16 active bases. While only a few remain active, the tradition of duty and honor lives on in the area. Military readiness, expertise in logistics, safety, handling stressful situations, medical and maintenance resources, make the US Army and National Guard important allies to San Francisco communities. However, their work means a lot of personnel movement. Whether in supplying San Francisco airport shuttles, charter bus rentals, or employee shuttle services, is honored to assist in planning and managing San Francisco area transportation for the military.

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Bus types Bus Partners have a variety of safe and reliable MBA-compliant vehicles to meet every need and budget.

School bus

The classic school bus is a functional and lean type of charter bus. It fits any military task of moving personnel within 2.5 hours drive, carrying up to 47 passengers. These buses suit regular or occasional field training transportation, shuttles to and from the garrison to the field training location or across a large base, recruit training and transportation to the base, the National Guard community missions across the San Francisco area, and many more types of tasks.

Coach bus

Coach buses are large comfort flagmen, rich in every feature to make them an excellent choice for long trips and even serving as a mobile "operations base." This bus accommodates up to 55 passengers and has a dedicated storage area, A/C, power outlets, on-board restroom, and extra comfortable seats.

Mini bus

Minibus and mini-coaches are compact vehicles with a set of features similar to the larger ones. They work great as a swift shuttle option as they fill up faster, and can carry up to 31 persons on board. Mini coach is a fitting vehicle to bring officers and specialists for the consultations or serve as the private bus service for the families and comrades-in-arms to Honor Events.

DoD compliance

The Department of Defence (DoD) is the executive branch in charge of the US Armed Forces. DoD created the Military Bus Agreement (MBA Standards of Service) to outline minimum standards and requirements the vehicles and services must meet to qualify for transporting DoD personnel. The main purpose of the MBA is to ensure the safety and security of military personnel travel.


The MBA articles cover the requirements for vehicles, drivers, and management of the commercial bus transportation, as well as the procedures the Transportation Coordinators and Officers have to follow selecting but charter providers and inspecting the buses. DoD-approved Several Bus Partners maintain an agreement, party to the Military Bus Agreement (MBA), which is kept on file at the Defense Travel Management Office (DTMO). is trusted by companies big and small

Local military bases

Only a few military bases remain in the San Francisco Bay area, but there used to be many of the forts, shipyards, and stations in the past. Among the closed bases, notable ones are the Presidio (formerly a large Army base) and Treasure Island (formerly a Naval base). Still, some military bases are active and continue their service, with Coast Guard Station San Francisco on Yerba Buena Island, Military Ocean Terminal Concord, Travis AFB, and more among them.

ISC Alameda

ISC Alameda (Coast Guard Integrated Support Command Alameda) is a large military installation in Alameda, California, under the command of the US Coast Guard. The base is mainly located on a small island accessible via a bridge, often referred to as “Coast Guard Island.” The base’s purpose is to support Armed forces, and it provides multiple services to all US Coast Guard missions in the region. Housing for over 1200 units is one of the most critical functions, and the base’s personnel strives to help the new troops and their families to adjust. Some more permanent ones are the 11th District, the Pacific Area command, the 1-st Training Team, the San Francisco Sector, and the naval engineering and electronics support units. Warehousing for all the groups and tenants is another vital function. The most important facility is the healthcare one.

Coast Guard Training Center Petaluma

Coast Guard Training Center Petaluma (TRACEN Petaluma) is one of the three US Coast Guard training sites used to train and evaluate its A school military units. The base is located 9 miles away from the coast and 40 miles away from San Francisco. The training center covers vast territory across two counties (Marin and Sonoma).

Camp Parks

Camp Parks (PRFTA), in the eastern part of San Francisco, is one of the oldest bases in the area, and is currently on stand-by semi-active status, ready to be brought to a fully active one in a situation of war or natural disaster. Currently, Camp Parks trains and prepares recruits and the reserve for the potential activities, conducts administration as a host of 10 units, and supports operational missions. Tenant units include the 91st Division, the 104th Division (the Navy Seabees), and the Western Army Reserve Intelligence Support Center. Except for the annual training, when the reservists join the Camp, the regular number of soldiers living here is around 11,000.

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