San Francisco Sports Team Bus Rentals

The City by the Bay is always near the top of our list for a visit. From the Tenderloin to Haight-Ashbury, The Embarcadero to the Golden Gate Bridge, SF is such a cultural mecca that you’re never short on things to do. So while some away tournaments are strictly for sports, the San Francisco trip is one that comes with a game schedule and a full itinerary away from the field. So to get your team from Point A to B to C to D, charter a bus rental.

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It’s not just the famous, winding Lombard Street — San Francisco is a city of uphills and downhills. As you arrive in your charter bus, you’ll be thankful you don’t have to navigate its challenging roads by car.


Of course, there are plenty of other reasons to rent a team bus for your San Fran sports tournament: Convenience, cost savings, and reliability, to name a few. Plus the fact that it’s just plain old fun to ride as a team.

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Team bus rentals for little league and youth sports teams.

Youth Sports Bus Rentals in San Francisco

Organizing and executing a bus trip can be challenging. Even parking in San Francisco has its difficulties. Then, when it comes to a sports trip with students or minors of any kind, there’s a whole new level of responsibility. The good news is, knows all the rules and regulations necessary to make the responsible adults aware of. And our reliable service and commitment to safety are an added level of comfort.


When getting to and around San Francisco, there are some things you need to know about chartering a bus with minors. For example, you’ll need consent or waiver forms for each child — and the requirement changes depending on your state, province, or organization. There are also a few things you should do to ensure responsible youth team transportation, such as bringing snacks, games, and music for the road, and the planning for a single pick-up and drop-off points.

Basket ball team bus rentals for tournaments and away games

Basketball Team Bus Rentals in San Francisco

The best basketball players — from Magic to MJ to LeBron — make it look easy. The effortless shooting, precise passing, and smooth crossovers are all trademarks of the game’s greats. Same goes for booking your bus rental. Using our online booking tool to build your itinerary makes group travel as easy as a Jordan free throw you know is going in as soon as it leaves his hand. Swish!


Nothing but net — that’s how it feels when you commence the bus booking process online. All you have to do is provide the number of passengers — your roster plus coaches, trainers, and anyone else tagging along — and your departure and arrival dates and addresses. From there, you receive your price, which you’ll only accept if you choose to. By pairing you with the best operator for your team’s needs, and supporting you before, during, and after your basketball trip, we set you up for a winning San Francisco trip with your team.

Hockey team bus rentals for tournaments and away games.

Hockey Team Bus Rentals in San Francisco

San Francisco is not a conventional hockey town, but it still has its fair share of rinks. The top arenas though are scattered throughout the region on both sides of the San Francisco Bay, making transportation a bit of a challenge while your team is on the ground competing in a hockey tournament. Rather than driving or renting cars to shuttle players back and forth from hotel to rink to hotel, chartering a bus for your team only is the way to go.


With a private driver who knows the area to follow your itinerary and meet you at all your pick-up points, it doesn’t get much better. Plus, on a coach bus or mini coach bus, there’s room for everyone — and all your gear in the undercarriage storage compartment. Everyone on at once, no line changes necessary.

Football team charter bus rentals for tournaments and away games.

Football Team Bus Rentals in San Francisco

While in town for a football game in San Francisco, chances are your team might want to make a weekend of it and catch a 49ers NFL game at Levi’s Stadium, or a California Golden Bears game at Memorial Stadium. But while those teams identify with the Bay Area, they’re actually quite a bit outside SF. With a charter bus on your side, making a day trip out to the ballgame is as easy as a chip shot field goal.


If you decide to take in a game, it might be easier to stomach the cost of tickets once you realize the savings you can make by chartering a bus with With four affordable bus options, you can select the one that falls into the most appropriate price range for your group. If you compare the price of renting a coach bus to the cost of renting the 12-15 cars that would be necessary to transport the same amount of people, the coach bus wins every single time.

Soccer team charter bus rentals for away games and tournaments.

Soccer Team Bus Rentals in San Francisco

Some of the finest memories children and teens carry with them into adulthood revolve around sports. For young soccer players, the memories don’t just come from the games they played at those out of town tournaments, but the memories made with their teammates on the road to and from the games. To make those cherished away tournaments happen, soccer teams need a plan for group transportation. The easiest and most affordable way to travel as a team is by chartering a bus rental.


On top of affordability, team buses have a way of creating those magic moments they’ll look back on fondly. Not only that, but in the short-term, the team atmosphere on a charter is sure to tighten some bonds and bring your players closer together, all in the name of future team success.


Some of the things you may not remember later, but will certainly appreciate in the moment, are the downright convenience of travelling as a unit for your soccer team. When away on a tournament, everyone can leave the hotel and arrive to the pitch at the same time. You can use those precious moments en route to the game to deliver a motivational speech or call out the lineup for that day’s game. You can talk strategy with your coaching staff or plot out a new strategy on a clipboard. While your professional driver does his job, you and your team can focus on getting in the zone.

Popular sports team bus rentals


Coach rental
Comfort and storage
55 seats

School bus

School bus rental
An affordable classic
47 seats

Mini coach bus

Mini coach bus rental
Comfort for small groups
32 seats