Montreal construction bus rentals can provide construction shuttles at the click of a button

Montreal’s construction industry is booming. A report conducted by the Association de la Construction du Québec (ACQ) foresees the industry will need approximately 20,000 workers a year for the next ten year period in order to meet the demand for the city’s numerous projects. At, we know that getting these workers to work sites as efficiently and affordably as possible is crucial, and charter bus rentals and employee shuttle services from are ideal for the job.

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A Montreal charter bus rental is the most economical way to assemble your construction workforce.

Vehicle options

With, our easy online booking provides you with a comprehensive list of local vehicle options from our bus partners..

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Our passionate 24/7 customer care team is committed to helping you with every step of your booking.

Bus types

In the Montreal area, construction sites are extremely varied, and one site may require a very different transportation solution than the next. At, we offer a variety of bus types, each with a range of amenities, so you can choose the right construction shuttle for your needs. From high-capacity coach buses to functional minibuses, we have a bus that’s right for you.

Coach bus

Coach buses are our largest and most comfortable bus types, suitable for even the longest trips, with space for up to 55 passengers. Coach buses also feature the most available amenities, including a standard onboard washroom, optional TV/DVD support, air conditioning, power outlets, and WiFi. Additionally, coach buses have generous undercarriage storage bays that are perfect for stowing tools and equipment.

School bus

Our classic school buses are a great choice when a highly cost-effective and efficient bus type is required. School buses can accommodate up to 47 passengers and are ideal for trips of three hours or less. School buses won’t feature all the deluxe amenities of a coach bus but are focused on functionality and affordability first and foremost.

Mini bus

Minibuses can accommodate up to 21 passengers in most configurations and work best when used for shorter hops of three hours of total travel time or less. The minibus is more fuel-efficient and nimble than its larger counterparts and is able to manoeuver and park in confines that would be too restrictive for other bus types.

Government construction bus rentals

A construction bus rental from can provide cost-effective and timely transportation of construction workers between municipal, provincial, or federal government construction sites. No matter the size and scope of your construction project, can provide services that scale to your project’s needs, offering both short term and long term contracts, including daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly bookings.

A construction shuttle service is a flexible, ecologically friendly, and cost-effective way to allocate your workforce. From small-scale door-to-door shuttle services to large-scale rally-point systems, and between single large-capacity trips, to multiple shift changes per day, our shuttles are flexible, and our 24/7 customer care team will work with your parameters to find the best possible price option in conjunction with our trusted bus partners.

Government construction bus rentals


A charter bus rental or construction site shuttle service from provides dependable and affordable transportation, ensuring your workforce can be concentrated exactly where and when they’re needed. Charter bus rentals and construction site shuttles are flexible, offering door-to-door pickups or larger rally point systems that can both move workers all at once or supply complicated job sites with multiple daily shift changes.


Quebec’s residential construction market is currently very strong and has increased provincewide by 20 percent since 2011, with over 50 percent of the new residential construction projects located in the greater Montreal area. The construction of rental units has also increased by 27 percent since 2011, and in line with Quebec’s changing demographics, almost one in every three new residential construction projects is classified as a residence for the elderly. Home renovations are also proving increasingly popular, and the municipality recorded $1.1 billion in renovation work in the first half of 2018, marking an increase of seven percent as compared to 2017.  Montreal is also the site of a significant number of new large and medium-sized condo developments, particularly in the boroughs of Ahuntsic Cartierville, La Salle, South West Montreal, Rosemont, and Downtown Montreal.


Many of Montreal’s recent industrial construction projects are taking place within the logistics and transportation sphere.  Much of Montreal’s current transportation infrastructure was produced in the late 1960s and is in current need of replacement. Major recent projects have included redesigns of the Turcot highway interchange and the new Samuel De Champlain Bridge. Upcoming projects include an expansion of one of the city’s subway lines, a light-rail commuter train network expansion, a west-end mega park, and a bus rapid transit project on Pie-IX Boulevard.  Montreal’s surrounding suburbs have also seen a much-increased demand from online retail companies who are taking advantage of the relatively inexpensive large-parcel land values and beginning to construct distribution centers on the outskirts of the city.