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State and local Los Angeles government employees and civil servants are responsible for legislative, executive, and judicial functions essential for the stability and thriving of the Los Angeles community. They ensure that the essential needs of every citizen are met, starting from education and safety and up to recreational and heritage projects.


A Charter bus rental or employee shuttle service from Bus.com is a great way to safely and sustainably guarantee that government workers get to where they’re needed.

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Bus.com is an innovative bus charter platform that operates across the US and Canada. We work with vetted bus partners who have been approved by the General Services Administration (GSA) and can provide chauffeured transportation to the US government and its agencies.

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All the US Bus Partners and drivers are highly skilled, thoroughly vetted, and fully insured. Bus.com has options that fit even the most strict requirements, such as DoD and military bus charter.

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What bus is right for you?

Bus.com has a variety of bus rentals ready for Los Angeles government personnel. The factors of choice include the size of the group, the distance of the trip, and the preferred activity during the ride.


School bus

A classic school bus is a functional and economical vehicle with all travel essentials, and a design focused on safety. This type of bus is a good choice if your group needs to be shuttled across LA efficiently.


Coach bus

A coach bus can accommodate up to 55 passengers. A coach bus is the most comfortable type of bus: its reclining seats and A/C make it especially suitable for longer trips in hot LA weather. Its power outlets, overhead lights, and WiFi allow maximizing the group productivity on the road.


Mini bus

For smaller groups up to 31 passengers, Bus.com offers compact versions of large vehicles: minibus and mini coach. They have similar internal features but require less parking space. The mini coach has extra storage space and reclining seats, identical to the larger coach.

About the Los Angeles government

The US Government, in general, has three layers: Federal, State, and Local. All of them are organized as a similar functional structure separating each into three branches: Legislative, Executive, and Judicial.

Los Angeles government divisions

Los Angeles is impacted by the Federal Government, California State Government, LA County Government, and the LA City Government. The county government is responsible for elections, law enforcement, vital and property records, tax collection, social services, and health services.

Los Angeles County governance

The LA county is governed by Boards of Supervisors, Assessor, District Attorney, and Sheriff elected by the LA county residents. The County administration has 34 departments, several agencies, and approximately 200 committees and commissions under the supervision of the Chief Executive Officer. Overall, there are over 500 political districts allowed to define their own rules, from school boards, water districts, to sanitation boards.

Type of government in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a charter city. It operates as the Mayor-Council-Commission form of government. Most employees of the City are bound by the civil service provisions of the City Charter. The new City Charter, updated in 2000, created the Citywide System of Neighborhood Councils, which expanded public participation in City governance.

Elected government in Los Angeles

Its elected government consists of the Los Angeles City Council with 15 City Council members representing 15 city districts, the Mayor of Los Angeles, and several other elective offices. The residents elect Mayor, City Controller, and City Attorney every four years.

Los Angeles boards and commissions

Boards and Commissions, and various departments and bureaus, supervised by General Managers, are appointed by the Mayor and approved by the City Council. Examples of executive offices are the Los Angeles Police Department, the Los Angeles Fire Department, the Los Angeles Department of Transportation, and the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power.

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